MaidSafe Dev Update :safe: 19 October 2015

Hi girls and guys!

Rust-5! By now we’re getting into the rhythm of the Rust sprints. As we all know we seriously took the time to plan in much more detail through the RFC process the current sprint. This has resulted in the first week of Rust-5 progressing well and we’re nicely on track! That does not mean that we are getting complacent though, we need to maintain our velocity and make sure that we reserve enough time to properly test all the components prior to the end of the sprint.

So what are the objectives and how far have we gotten after the first week? There are three RFC’s currently being worked on:

Several issues are being addressed in Vaults and the QA team is also busy improving the installers. The overarching objective is to enable the community to join in testing the network at a larger scale.

From Crust’s side most of the work in UDP hole punching is finished, several issues remain and Vinicius had to extend to the uTP protocol to make it possible. Working higher up the library stack, Routing has been preparing the ground for UDP-hole punching / uTP connections. To achieve this the existing TCP connection management had to be improved and such that the connection management can both work with normal TCP connections, but can also fall back to uTP connections with hole punching and rendez-vous connections. In English this means that for all of us to be able to join the network, we need to do extra work. Unfortunately, most of our computers are behind routers that do ‘Network Address Translation.’ When that’s the case, they are not directly reachable and both computers need to reach out to each other at the same time to build a connection. That way we can really build a network supported by all its users!

The second leg of the sprint deliverable is the SAFE Launcher. @ustulation and @Krishna_Kumar have been scoring points (JIRA points) like crazy and they have been progressing well although there is a lot more to be done - it’s a big task. It is anticipated that Launcher will be available as a command line app at the end of this sprint, with @Scott and others working on integrating a UI soon after. Krishna is also updating the DNS example you all know to be compatible with the new Launcher at the beginning of last week.

While Vaults has no new features listed for the current sprint, @qi_ma and @Fraser have been working hard to further debug and address issues in the Vault layer. As the sprint progresses, more resources from Crust and Routing will hopefully join them there.

As with Rust 4, the community have been able to get involved in the sprint using the bounty program and we have received 3 pull requests for a total of 14 points. The team worked very hard during the planning phase to improve the detail within each task and it looks like these improvements are enabling the community to bite off bigger tasks. This is really encouraging to see and is something we will continue to focus on moving forward.

Finally, Fraser deserves a big congrats on knocking down many of the installer tasks last week. This might not sound as exciting, but it is crucially important to make sure it is increasingly easier for all of you to set up your vault and contribute to testing the network! @Ross will be continuing that work this week.

Overall, we’re off to a really good start, but there is no room for resting on our laurels. We will need to keep working flat out to achieve some really exciting deliverables!

As an aside, but no less important, @justine_mclevy, Scott and Linda have also been working hard to get another FabLab workshop organised for kids in Troon as part of the MaidSafe Foundation

Wishing you all an amazing week!

Transcript of Dev Update Monday 19 October 2015


thanks for the update =) always a pleasure to get “official statements” about the process and I’m glad its good news :slight_smile:


This sprint is ambitious, so fingers crossed and good luck to everyone working on it. If you hit these targets it will be a real advance - so many fundamentals coming together at once and so many people able to join in try it out and testify to it.

SAFE Community Is Hotting Up

I don’t know if it is coincidence, but since the recent major steps forward - such as installers and Uploader (ie dns_example) - forum activity has been increasing noticeably, particularly in recent days.

After this sprint, I expect it will start to get really busy, so we’ll have new people popping in who will need lots of helpful guidance and patient assistance, and this will keep growing and advancing the community side too.

So get ready everyone - we can all help answer questions, point to resources like the wiki etc. We might need extra helpings of patience and good humour, as things get busy. So…

Good luck to the devs and get ready SAFE community! :smile:


When is Rust-5 scheduled to be complete?

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i hope soon, i wanna see those dumpers who sold maid below 8000 sat cry in the future.

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Keep in mind, the team decided to rewrite the entire thing in Rust. I think that’s a very wise move. C/C++ apps are riddled with security problems that haunt users every single day.

And also, speaking as a developer, the one thing that makes me progress slower are people hovering over me asking when it will be done and stressing out. I hope the devs here ignore this banter and that dirvine manages to insulate them from any pressure.


I think this project is releasing in a nontraditional way that is beneficial to the network the users of the network and safe coin overall in the long term but not beneficial to speculators who are looking for a very clear-cut beta release that’s easy to speculate on and that is what is frustrating to some of the speculators. It’s a long term investment in my eyes and it has a risk of not succeeding that’s why I only put up what I was comfortable with losing but enough where any gains could make me able to use it to my advantage. I’m at a loss as of right now but it’s only right now. Things take time but the blazing progress I’ve seen this sprint seen on jira has completely blown me away. It’s so so close to a global test network, then a sprint full of UI and features and this slam talk? Just impatience if you ask me


I support the DEV team and think it is world changing network, trading on token on a project that is not even launched is high risk gamble.

The safe network will have it’s own safex exchange, and I am hoping poloniex will drop safe coin. I also wanted to see safe coin as an product to buy rather then a coin to gamble on on the the wild west exchanges of cowboy traders.

The less exposure in the crypto currency space the better for maid safe.

I be disappointed if the mod team deletes the posts here…please leave the post up…

So my conclusion that david is very smart that he has not just flaunted maid token over all the exchanges for total market, pumps and dumps.
safe network and safecoin needs to separate it self from the crypto space.

What lucky kids!!! I wish, I was a kid in troon…


This is off topic talk I know :frowning:

Can anyone explain what the real life problem is with the madesafe token being at any price, high or low, apart from cost to buy or making money on the token. To say it another way, how does it affect the project or your holdings awaiting to be converted to safecoin, apart from the obvious cost to buy more.

I realise traders see it different, but I am addressing those hold the token awaiting the network

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haha - yes the only problem in real life might be that a couple of poor students might have invested some of their small savings cause they hoped to get rich Oo and now they are even more broke than before :smiley: but thats how it is in life :open_mouth: gambling is evil


The students think it is pretty funny when “proper adult investors” are
less patient than they are - they don’t understand why everyone is in a
such a rush for the price to go up - they like it to stay low because
they can buy a lot more the longer it does (they realise they are racing
against the clock to accumulate as much as possible as quickly as

Well, poor students seem not worry much…

*A Different Perspective


yeah xD I’m a poor student too - I don’t have much - I can’t loose much :wink: so I don’t worry at all … :slight_smile: … and 3 years from now I will buy a car in safecoins :slight_smile:

plus i believe in the idea behind the safe network and I’m sure there are others out there who will find it useful and therefore use it =)


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Gotta love this community…

Link to Atlassian.
Link to GitHub.

great work @mabe !!!


@polpolrene Thanks! I agree, the spirit of the SAFE community is outstanding! Thank you for making it so vibrant!

I am just a calm forum-follower, RUST-newbie dev who is happy to synergetically

  • contribute to such an ambitious project
  • learn a new programming language by solving easy tasks
  • (and at the same time) get some BTC reward

That great!
The real props goes out to the Maidsafe devs!


The community love is real


How about mounting your own Safedrive. Will that be possible after this sprint? Is that a lot of work? Would be cool to start the client and see a safe: drive show up at your computer :smiley: