MaidSafe Dev Update :safe: 17th May 2016 - TEST 3 - Update (20th May 13:30 BST) Now Complete

works fine here, deleting and adding.

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hmmm - laptop with i5 - nothing special - ubuntu 16.04 - 2 nodes

the amd-forgotten-whatsoever-8-core is at 4% max (4 vaults)


We expect a lot of this, vault data will not survive this test, unfortunately. Network should stay up though, that’s this test.


That’s what’s going to be solved by porting stuff from threads to async code (MIO).

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Still running blocking I/O in crust this week. Hopefully next week this won’t be the case

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So creating web rings (for example) within this iteration is probably not the best way to contribute.

Thanks for the heads up @Ross

There will be no SAFE Webring during testnet 3

That’s great actually… it means I can have more time to extend and test my remoteStorage web app code for SAFEpress instead :slight_smile:

And @Ross, you didn’t think you would get away with not updating us on ARM did you? Tut, tut! Come on, please tell :slight_smile:


On Windows 10/64 it’s doing great. My CPU isn’t going above 3% so far.


Looks like vaults lost connections for the moment. Just a minute ago.

WARN 11:23:11.471251948 [routing::core] Prepared connection info for PeerId(65ee…) as ec7e…, but already tried as ec7e…

WARN 11:23:58.023084219 [routing::core] Node(e721…) Failed to connect to peer PeerId(65ee…): Error { repr: Custom(Custom { kind: TimedOut, error: StringError("Connect failed. errors: (1 o f 6) Tcp direct connect failed: Zero byte read - EOF reached, grace ful exit. (2 of 6) Tcp hole punching failed: Tcp hole punching time d out without making a successful connection. The following warning s were raised during hole punching: 121 warning(s): (1 of 121) Conn ecting to endpoint failed:

I’m going stop the vaults. And provide the Log.

Edited: Vault Sauce.

No that’s normal, we try many ways to connect to nodes, so think this is OK here. If you lose connections you will see routing table size decreases…


Is there a maximum total file size upload or only a maximum file size upload?
What wil be the maximum upload size of a file when the network is stable?

Yay…a replica of a german meme. Meet me at

EDIT: sound now working :wink:

I will host that page on the real net and make millions of Safecoin muharharharhar


Files get split into chunks of max 1Mb each. The only limit will be how much safecoin you spend. It should be a lot of storage for very little cost if we get it right.

At the moment we have limited clients to 5Mb and vaults to 100Mb IIRC


Loaded really fast on the network!


Only tested TEST 1 a while back and was a bit slow and buggy, but this time the network reacts really fast and stable. No problems here. Wow 1 vault average only taking about 0,4% CPU on a I7 and Windows 8. Thumbs up peeps!!!


I’m storing about 8 MB’s of chunks right now, if you recognize one that’s yours please raise your finger.


Initially creating a new account was slow but I expect that was the vault trying to catch up… terminal for the launcher complaining about finding an IGD gateway, whatever that is.

WARN 18:36:08.606655936 [w_result] Failed to find an IGD gateway on network interface wlan0 igd::search_gateway_from_timeout returned an error: IO error: Resource temporarily unavailable (os error 11)

but then it’s picked up and all working well, thought the demo app is a bit slow to respond to registering names and moving to the manage websites. I’ll try data upload in a bit.

for now I’ve put up a few sites… I guess the challenge from the OP is to see if we can break the network badly enough to lose what’s put up…


They all loaded very fast for me. Including Yvette ;-). This on is up as well:


Where can i find those files?

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All of your website links loads really fast. Less than 6 seconds or so. Impressive.

Safenet: Almost fast than clearnet, and more resilient! GG WP

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I’m on windows 10, should work on 7 as well. Go to your little search screen, type:


You’ll see a map called Appdata/roaming. Now I click on Appdata in the address-bar. In this map choose > Local and then > Temp and search for maps called Safe Vault. You’ll have more from the old tests, so check date to see which one is from today. Thanks to @seneca for telling me where this stuff is, I didn’t had a clue ;-).