MaidSafe Dev Update 17th May 2016 - TEST 3 - Update (20th May 13:30 BST) Now Complete

Yep it was the ./safe_vault. Lol simple fix. Okay that was easy. Now I’m getting some output. A fair amount of warns to go with my infos. I have no idea what half of this means but at least I’m getting output here.

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What was your trouble exactly? The missing dot slash?

There are a lot of diagnostics that help the devs. There used to be even more. Nothing to worry about. The thing to look for are the sections between lines of dashes that say another node has been added to the routing table. If there is only one or two then that’s a problem. Expect 30-40 of them

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More or less, that and not knowing I had to run it from the command line. :slight_smile:

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Signing out now. Night.

Enjoy the ever-increasing, ever-file-and-Launcher-dropping SAFE Network Test 3. Cool thing is that the files and Launcher always comes back once you restart Launcher and reupload the files!

That reminds me I barely read the OP, just downloaded the new binaries.
I’m thrilled at how long this Test is going on compared to the others. They were only a few hours or so?
A lot of people miss out if it doesn’t go on for 24 hours in my opinion, though I’m not sure the reasons.

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What a nice feeling to see all the connections of my vault !
Lots of testers from Netherlands and Australia :smiley:


SO GOOOD!!! it just works!


Where’d you get the awesome visualizer? It doesn’t seem to be part of the demo app or launcher.


I got it from the free version of NetBalancer.
I was looking for a program to tell me how much cumulated bandwitdh safe_vault is taking over time, but this program also lists the connections each process established.

By the way, I went for lunch letting my computer go to sleep, and when waking it up, safe_vault automatically reconnects to peers, deletes the previously stored chunks, and starts downloading a new set… Isn’t that totally awesome :sunglasses: ?


Nice, all features still working and very fast :D, a lot of dutch nodes to fetch from :smiley:


Well it’ll be fun if we ever manage to upload anything lol.

What do you mean ? I was able to upload private data, download it a couple of hours later, and visits a few sites, which btw show up much quicker for me than on the previous test networks.


Compliments to the Maidsafe Devs and the SAFE Community out there. We’re in BETA !!!

Whoa…gone a lttle early there you think? :wink:

The way I’m reading it and cross referencing the roadmap we are at:

‘Test Remote Network (In progress)’ >>>> "Network Alpha’

If this is correct, maybe it would make sense to reflect this terminology in the Dev Updates: ‘Test Remote Network 3’


Vaults work great, but the launcher disconnects almost immediately. I’m lucky if I can load one site before it fails.
While they do load, the load is lighting fast though.


Just wondering who you are quoting. Your post says you replied to @polpolrene but he didn’t say that in his post and I cannot find anyone else who even mentioned BETA

Anyhow I was under the impression we are testing so that the alpha can be finalised.

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My http://polpolrene.safenet congratulates the devs with being in BETA. This site was made months ago before we heard the word MVP ;-).


:thumbsup: prompted me to look up the details…I have a better understanding of where were at now.


Yes, Alpha 1 think::

There will be several alpha releases, which will commence in simple numerical order, each denoting an incremental improvement on the previous version. For example, as per the roadmap, alpha 1 will come with: public ID management, public and private data storage, vault configuration and desktop installers (64 bit Windows, Mac and Linux). The second alpha iteration will include additional features and will be called alpha 2, and so on.

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Even with that description, it is still only tests we are doing

For instance we have no vault configuration, no desktop installers, and its hardly a running network that alpha/beta/release will be.

The key is that its called “Test 3” Not Alpha 1


Alpha is denoted by being a public testing.

These tests are for the local community and intended for the ones who are more technically minded

Anyhow that is my understanding of the current position