MaidSafe Dev Update :safe: 16th November 2015

Chi va piano, va sano e lontano = He who goes slowly, goes safely and far!


Quem vai mais degavar, vai mais seguro e mais longe

I read that Rust lacks exception handling. Is that a cause of more bugs than in C++? On the other hand in C++ pointers point directly into memory plus memory deletion has to be done manually.

Not at all, if you imagine exceptions and in routing there was catch(...) everywhere then it would achieve the same result as what sneaked in there. Basically taking an error handling system and abusing it is a programmer error and really should never happen. In terms of bugs the number is massively reduced than what you get in c++, by an enormous amount.


First you outlaw time, then I heard you wanted to get rid of if statements, now I learn there’s no error handling…you’re crazy man! (I like it though)


I can honestly say that this is the most important part of any system been developed. Its a hard task ensuring that a system is bug free but very rewarding in the end. @Ross and the core devs its a nice initiative doing this now as it reduces the maintenance tasks moving forward, in the implementation of new features to the safe network. That said please don’t get too comfortable with clean ups and forget that we (the safe community) are eager to make progress and have safe network up and running :wink: