MaidSafe Dev Update - 14th June 2016 - TEST 4

:heart_eyes: :sunglasses: with audio! excellent site :smiley:

Totally handmade as you can see :joy:


yapp - i felt the love that went into design and stuff :hugging: :nerd:

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Well someone had to do it…



Are these the first working " decentralized sites" we have been able to test as public?

  • How is this testnet going so far guys?

some of them - there already were a couple of testnets for different purposes ( SAFE Network Client Testing Commences Dev Update & 2nd Test Network Release 8th March 2016 Stable Droplet Test Network Join the NEW Community Test Network (Running Now): “community1” ) and since [quote=“Viv, post:165, topic:9829”]
Don’t think we’re too far off from network size 3000 already :slight_smile: it seems like this network already has at a minimum 1800+ nodes right now

I’d say it is a huge success :slight_smile:


So, I start a launcher, don’t log in… to visit that site http://fanny.craddock.safenet/ and notice that the site loads fine and immediately to the end of its loading, the launcher suggests errors. Yet, I can’t see why that would occur from the simple source code on that being a template. I was expecting broken links or some such… maybe I’m tired and there is something obvious?

| FfiError::InvalidPath

ERROR 22:45:52.545799135 [safe_core::ffi] 

| FfiError::InvalidPath

Nothing fancy there - just a VERY old joke on thestandard template.

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Try this for another VERY old Scottish joke that is food related on the template


This will make no sense whatsoever unless you
a) are Scottish
b) are over 50
c) lived in the STV broadcast region
d) will laugh at anything

EDIT: I found it on teh intraweb

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little ambitious perhaps… loading real slow


I got $5 :joy:

took a loooong time to load though…

well you are in the money then my friend :slight_smile: Ill trim it down a bit and see if I can speed things up :slight_smile:


I have the ability to run a few hundred nodes at my job if it’s ever required.


I am interested to see what the network does past 3,000 nodes; and for now it seems best for those to be 3,000 nodes from 3,000 machines.

Will we be getting better vault managers in the next itteration? I’m just sort of watching my vault and thinking that if we need to start worrying about gets and puts in order to manage data we also need to be able to manage vaults and get credit for our gets and puts. I restart a lot and so non persistant data comes into play. Therefore how do we configure vaults to give us credit across operating systems and what not? See what I mean? Or consider one might have multiple devices, again the same problem, how does one send their safecoin to the right address or keep from suffering from major reputation loss. If I restart from linux to windows but my computer is only down for like 5 minutes between boots I don’t want a major reputation loss just because I’ve switched OSes. Or if I decide to farm on my android tablet or my laptop same deal. Again I don’t know when safecoin itself will be implimented but it seems meet to start talking about vault management as we start making this transition.

I dont think we need a video. The steps you have shared should be more than helpful.


Measuring bandwidth per node might prove more useful than either (1 per IP or 1 per CPU). I expect we will have some limit there: nodes with a less-than-minimum bandwidth (either because of a bad connection or because of too many vaults behind the same connection) would then just be disconnected.
But we haven’t made a decision on how to do that in detail yet.


Well that doesn’t seem fair to people with slow connections. You’re then setting a minimum bandwidth cap on who can be on the SAFE network.

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depends on what he defines as minimum.

Slowing a whole network down due to some weak links isn’t fair as well. Try to ride 30 MPH on a highway and see what trouble that causes. Second point to make: they just shut down the Vault. That doesn’t mean people can’t connect using a Launcher.