MaidSafe Dev Update :safe: 13th October 2015

Hi All,

I’ll keep this update as brief as possible, since most of you are fully aware of where things currently stand. The planning phase for RUST-5 is complete and the tasks have been added to Jira, the sprint duration is scheduled to last three weeks. We anticipate the following two deliverables at sprint end.

  1. Stable vault network, accommodating churn, using TCP/UDP with UDP Hole Punching.
  2. Core Launcher implementation.

The first will be made available via cross-platform installers in the form of a safe_vault package. The network should provide a stable base for client account handling/NFS storage API. The implementation of this part resulting from RFC-0008 and RFC-0011. The second will be command line only, exposing a CLI example showcasing the features of the Launcher, which in future sprints will be wrapped with a UI. The implementation of this part resulting from RFC-0010. Further detail on both can be found in last week’s update, while sprint progress can be followed on the Dashboard.

As a reminder, the Jira tasks for RUST-5 are available for bounty where some specific GitHub issues have also been included. Anyone wishing to take on a task should write a comment below the task description to that effect, i.e., requesting the task be assigned to themselves, once assigned, hit the start progress button and begin. When the task is complete, issue a pull-request, PR, to the master branch of whichever library is being worked on and someone will be assigned by Highfive as reviewer. For convenience it would be appreciated if the PR comment includes the bitcoin address of the committer. Further, in the Jira task itself click the start review button and assign it to whoever Highfive assigns on Github.

Testing will be ongoing during the sprint, however, it can be expected that some lingering issues may inevitably be present after the deliverables are released. Community support will be of great importance in determining network stability here by providing the first full scale test of the SAFE Network. We would expect to enter an iterative update and release cycle at this point, until stability is realised, based on patches provided/received for any issues discovered.

The weekly transcript is also available for viewing.



I can’t wait for the testnet to be ready for the rest of us :smile:


A crucial turning point in the history of man.


Community support will be of great importance in determining network stability here by providing the first full scale test of the SAFE Network.

Wow, what an amazing thing will happen, any ETA? I can’t wait for it…

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I spent a number of hours last evening successfully installing the MaidSafe launcher (I think) from GitHub on an OS X computer. The process installed the build_MaidSafe and MaidSafe folders and all their associated sub-directories and files. I am not very skilled with IT; however, I am eager to learn while doing everything possible to help this project along. Now I am looking for a pointer that explains what to do next. Are there instructions for building my home MaidSafe network and making it available to the project for testing in this sprint? If so, I will look forward to completing my portion of the work tonight.

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The github repos are the best (and only) source at this time. I’m sure that will not be the case in the future but since the network is undergoing significant changes at the moment, this is your best way to stay up-to-date.

Not at this point - you can only build LAN-based (say 3 VMs of your own) and there’s a post that shows how to do that in detail, just search this forum.

In the next release for testing the s/w will be able to connect to external (internet) instances.

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@tjf No VMs (virtual machines) are involved, you just start each vault in a separate terminal/console window. Full instructions for this are, as I think you found, in the 31st August Dev Update..

If you aren’t technical, building from code is probably best left for now, as at the end of this sprint (2-3 weeks) there will be a new set of installers and we will be able to link all our vaults into one big network!

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Just FYI here, bit OT, but I could not answer the other thread about safecoin last night. Safecoin is 3-4 RFC’s to implement. It is much simpler with the structured Data now. So 2 of these RFC’s are already completed and in the code base. I expect to complete the remaining 1 or 2 (I hope 1) RFC’s for review to complete safecoin next week to be hopefully finalised and coded in next sprint.

So already the network balance algorithm (simplistic for testing) and farming attempt RFC are complete. The final RFC will tie these together and expose the wallet API in the client. In addition messaging will be used to transfer safecoin from a vault to the client (it will be created for the client, but the client needs to know this).

Hope that helps a bit.