MaidSafe Demo App Not Uploading Private Data File on First Attempt Or Is It?

Launcher version: 0.3.0
Demo app version: 0.1.0
Browser version: Google Chrome 50.0.2
Operating System: Windows 8

After having created public ID and done everything as per the the instructions > Open Demo App > Select ‘View and Manage Private Data’ > + Upload File > Upload plain text 0 byte file > progress dialogue throbber thingy just spins and spins and spins > waited 10 minutes still spinning > cannot navigate back using back arrow, cannot do anything other than > close demo app and re-open > navigate to private data > plain text file has been loaded… why did I have to close and re-open for it to do that? > rinse and repeat with new file, same thing!

What are the steps to reproduce the bug
Follow the above steps.

Were you able to work around this bug? How?
As above, close re-open.

Is there anything else that might help us fix this bug?
Not a clue in hell, good luck