Maidsafe critical elements for Beta launch

I think it is a very good thing not to put too detailed time estimations when beta will be launched, but I was thinking about what are the critical elements to fix or develop in order to be able to launch a beta version of the SAFE Network?

As I see it, most critical thing to develop/fix is network stability and data permanence in case of extreme network churning? Or is this put to simply and are there other things that precede this (in other words, this can only be fixed, if…) or are more important than this? Just out of curiosity, super enthusiastic about all the progress being made!


I think it’s very well-performing decentralised vaults (first version will be available alpha 2), and TestSafeCoin. I really think that’s all that’s needed for Beta.

It’s my personal guess that we might go straight from Alpha 2 to Beta, since adding in TestSafeCoin will be the only major change. Unless of course the new vaults (& data chains) need more live testing etc.