Maidsafe could use to auction publicID's

Some community members would like to reserve their publicID’s. Maidsafe needs money, so why not bring the two together? is a Ethereum powered auction site, that can be used to auction premium publicID’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

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No reason why we need to use ether, btc, euros, usd’s, yuan, if the brain trust here cant come up with a solution to reserve Pub ID’s using Maid, we may as well shut it down and go home. This aint rocket science

A solution is to just let people pay Maidsafe directly to create a publicID through the Maidsafe Demo App. The problem is how do we give the premium accounts a different pricetag?

A solution would be to have the ‘create a public ID’ on the Maidsafe Demo App function as a auction. It would work like this.

  • Reserve you domain name with a price you want to pay for it.
    After you pressed ‘bid’ you pay for your domain and it shows up on a list, after 24 hours it’s your unless somebody overrule your bid.

  • This is how you can overrule a bid, by paying more like so:

But besides bidding, people can also tag a domain as premium. For instance if I think popsci is a premium. What I would have to do is:

When a domain is tagged as premium, the tagger pays €10 to tag it and the domains starting cost is €1000. So the two previous bidders would have to pay €990 or €900 + €5 to the tagger.

After the 24 hours the tagger would get her/his €10 back and the highest bidder receives popsci.

But those are just again my ideas, I think it would be a lost for Maidsafe to not monetize on the SAFE Network’s publicID. Other people surely will… :stuck_out_tongue:


Fully behind the notion that the MaidSafe project itself should benefit from this opportunity rather some random other group(s).
We need revenue and this seems a reasonable way of generating some. Doubt it will solve all problems and the “accidental” MAID will still need sold but every mickle maks a muckle *

^ Translation available by PM on proven donation of >$5 to Maidsafe :slight_smile: