Maidsafe coins and how they are created

I should probably post this in the dev forum, but I’m trying to earn credits, so I can test the alpha/beta versions. I recently got involved with the safe_vault project and created my first PR and now I would like to contribute to another MaidSafe project. The project I would like to choose is one that is responsible for the MaidSafeCoin/SafeCoin. I’m new to cryptocurrency and the Rust programming language, so I may have overlooked the code in the repositories.

Does anyone know which project (or projects) handle creating / distributing these tokens? I would really like to look through the code and better understand how it all works.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Doesn’t exist yet.

Not until the RFC is revised and the coding starts will there be a safecoin component.

Keep up with developments by looking for the dev updates in #development:updates every thursday (night usually)


Thanks for the info neo!

Does this means the SAFE coin can be mined like any other coin or must be using specialized hardware like D3 Antminer for Dash ?

You mine them with your spare resources. No additional hardware needed. Perhaps if you have a fibre connection it’s worth buying a raspberry and HD to run it or some such.

One of the fundamentals of SafeCoin is that it is an easily accessible utility. The idea is to make use of all the spare capacity out there to run the internet ourselves with no central points of failure. SafeCoin is the incentive. You burn/destroy it when you store or serve data, surfing is free. When you burn/use a coin it can then be farmed anew by anyone willing to contribute their spare capacity.

There shouldn’t be any specialised ‘farming’ equipment in theory. If you have to make any outlay on hardware you will likely not be competitive as everyone else has zero costs. Of course, in the early days we know SafeCoin will increase a lot in value, so early on you might see quite a few people trying to farm heavily. Who knows if farming will stay decentralised? It sounds to me like a good recipe for it though :wink:


@Jabba, yes, exactly.
I have spare unused NAS at home, but my internet connection is just about 90-100 MBps.

I like the idea of farming.

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