Maidsafe coin vs Safe coin, Should I invest today $100k?

I learned about safenet some time ago and it gave me an impression of something BIG coming up… then I found that there is no safecoin yet and I need to buy MaidSafe coin which will be switched into safecoin 1:1… Sounds fantastic… Probably…

Today’s market cup of the MaidSafe is 27 millions USD with available supply of 452,552,412 coins
From what I learned, SafeCoin will have “just under 4.3 billion” coins, which means that market cup of Safecoin has to be about 270 million USD at the launch for me to keep the same USD equivalent and I dont believe that this is even possible to have a market cup of 270 million right from start…

Meaning that if I put today $100.000 into MaidSafe coin and even if at the launch SafeCoin will have a value of 2 times higher from todays market cup of MaidSafe - $50 millions USD (which still questionable), I will lose over 80% from my todays investment of $100.000…
Tell me I’m mistaken here…

I’m not an investor by any means but I have to urge you this is just an experiment and in my opinion one would be crazy to invest that much in it at the moment! On the other hand investors take risks all the time and my impression would be maidcoin (and safecoin) would count as ‘extreme’ risk in some circles.

There won’t be 4.3 billion coins at start, maybe somewhere in the year 2250 ;-). It starts with something like 430 million coins, and when people Farm new coins are created, and when people PUT data to the network coins are burned. So there will be some sort of “recycling” of coins. Think of Ethereum or Bitcoin, new coins are created but not that fast.


I invested in the original crowdsale a little over two years ago and have continued to pick up MS coins as prices dip. I will continue to do so and I believe MS can support virtually any market capitalization down the road say 2-4 years out, even one currently larger than Bitcoin. Of course, for this to happened there must be a full function release of the SAFE Network and lots of useful applications. Only time will tell. I would advise a steady but moderate investment and some farming on your part as this becomes available. Exactly what I am doing. All the best.


Definitely mistaken. The coins aren’t going to magically turn into 10x more than the current supply. It’ll take years before that happens. There’s documentation somewhere but I need to go. Additionally, in my opinion it’s going to reach at least a few hundred thousand market cap sometime this year. Also, if you could start investing $100k today, slowly, over the span of 4-6 months, that’d be lovely for everyone, to ride that upward momentum based solely on you :grin: . Kidding sort of. I would probably invest $10,000 though, since it is definitely one of the only coin contenders to reach to some billions market cap some day. (On that note, why not just invest $100,000 then lol… but, one of the ideals for this coin [built into the code, even] is that not one person holds a monopoly on the whole system. So $100,000 could make you the richest person here if it indeed goes to billions cap some day… but I think there are some whales that already have even more than that in Safecoin… so, whatever.)


Look at me, dude!
I hold MAID near 1 year!

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My first intent was to write a subject “should I sell all my Maidsafe coins?” as I have plenty, but didn’t want to put a negative topic…
…but, if you are right, and if there will be 430 mln safecoins at the start, there is a chance we will have same market value of $27 mln, in such case exchange 1:1 will transfer USD value into safecoin, however as I understood there is no information on coin inflation rate yet nor any other information that can give us any information about safecoin market valuation. Am i right? All we know is that there will be about 430 mln safecoins?
I think I’m going to lower my maidsafe stake by half… seems to be to risky…
Anyone having any other information that might help in future safecoin valuation please share this info.

Invest 50% and keep the other 50% as buy orders down to 1k sats, this way either way the market will go, assuming a long term positive trend(which I believe it is - optimist here :slight_smile: ), you’ll be win - win.

The Whitepaper may add some clarity to valuation, features and release of the upcoming Safecoin.

I believe this project will succeed and when it does I believe it will be the go to storage solution for nearly every project that sees privacy and security as paramount. So invest according to your beliefs. $100k may or may not be a lot of money to you, no one knows but you.
Every week there is progress on the code and when it is ready for mainstream I feel certain that the 6 cent safecoin will be remembered similarly to the 6 cent bitcoin.


I would buy 100k and not even think about it. Im currently holding about 1.5m Maids and a firm believer this will be a billion cap coin at full release.


I think he’s talking about $100k, not 100k MAID… big difference there. I have over 100k maid, but I dont nearly have $100k period, much less to throw at software (though I wish I had more money to put into maid, I truly believe it will be HUGE but I have to content myself with the decent hardware I have and try to farm up as much as I can. No more disposable income right now)

Let me help you answer your own question - a glimpse at our current state of affairs:

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Economic strength is non-existent.

The ones who have enslaved us and our fellow brothers and sisters have done so through deception. The deceivers are the ones in control.

We need a powerful tool that will aid us in our battle for transparency and accountability. I believe MAIDsafe is that tool.

A suggestion - don’t misuse your utilities:


There was a thread a while back that discussed inflation and the Safecoin economy: Is the Safecoin Economy Deflationary and would it be better with Inflation built in?. I don’t recall anything about a specific inflation rate though. I’m guessing it is something the team will address as the SAFE network approaches an official release.

Yep i do dig what he was saying 1.5mil maids is well over 100k usd :slight_smile: so i was suggesting he joins the club. One of my buddies has 6mil maids and between 5 of us we have about 12mil atm and growing :wink:


Everything has already been addressed with complete and definite technical answers. People have replied to this thread with the direct answer that the OP needs. Just read it again. Reminder: everything has already been addressed with complete and definite technical answers. You can find them by researching. Use your instinct and excitement while searching… I don’t know what else to say. Use that advice in general. For this thread specifically someone linked to the Whitepaper with the answer(s).

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Bought with Mastercoin ?


I recommend people not to advertise how many maidsafecoin they have. This WILL make you a target in the long run if safecoin happens to take off.
This curse has followed bitcoin early adopters.


Whenever this topic comes up, should I invest?, I say put in what you could lose. If I buy shares in a company, that already exists, is in operation and profitable, then I’m investing. For a new software based platform that’s yet to release a minimum viable product, all due respect, we’re speculating. I could geek out on investing concepts here, but I’ll keep it short (no pun intended!).

Can you afford to lock away 100,000 for (at least) a few years? If yes, then good on ya! If no, then do not invest that much. Having said that, I know the upside is astounding, hence why I've speculated some . You’ll likely find more reason to speculate on MSCs as you research more, but anyway, hopefully my “two cents” helps inform your decision.

(edit - added Important disclaimer: When investing any amount in crypto, get familiar with various operating systems, encryption, best practices for offline storage, and using 2FA etc. I don’t care how secure you think your holdings are, they will not be in 3 years, and especially 5 years unless you have a dynamic storage process/retrieval/plan in place. Your research in security are just as important as discovering new crypto currencies.)


But Safecoin should be stored on the SAFE Net permanently right? So once you successfully transfer MAID to SAFE, it’s all over. You’re done. Just remember your log-in information.