Maidsafe coin and ledger nano s

Help needed guys. I sent my maidsafe coin to a bitcoin address in my ledger nano s. I can see the maidsafe coin at the address using Omni wallet. I have extracted the public and private keys from the nano s using the offline BIP39 Mnemonic Code Converter. The nano s used BIP 49 to generate the wallet address from the private-public key pair. So when I import the private key into Omni wallet is generates a different wallet address than the one the nano s generated. I am guessing that the Omni wallet generates the wallet addresses using BIP 44 or something other than BIP 49. The coins are safe for now but how can I move them if needed in future. Cheers, Harry.


Hi and welcome to the forum @harry1b.

There are a few Aussies in the forum and good to see another.

This is not good for you and has happened before but unfortunately I cannot remember any solution and can’t remember the topic that dealt with it. Maybe @mav or some of the others can help soon enough. Be assured we have some smart people here who should be able to help.

Just a quick question does the BTC address start with a “1” or a “3”?

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Yeah I had an issue about this on a Trezor before and it wasn’t resolved.

Does @mav = Ian Coleman? In that case I think he’s the one who actually invented the web interface for the BIP converter, and I think he was the one replying to my earlier post about this (I’ll try to dig up the conversation here; I think it was mid-way through on an unrelated thread though).

It seemed like he was confident there was a way to do it, but I wasn’t able to figure it out and recover the MAID myself.

Would be supportive in helping you find a solution though :slight_smile: and happy if it works out


Hey Neo,

Thanks for your reply, the BTC address starts with a 3. I am hopeful that the Ledger people will add support for the Omni protocol but I am not holding my breath waiting. I’m not the sharpest tool in the toolbox and hope that someone way smarter than me can help.

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I let you know if we can sort it out. One would think that any solution would also apply in your situation as well.

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I also would like to understand how to manage coins under the nano-s.

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Is this what your looking for?


If MAID had an ERC-20 version, I’d be able to figure it out :joy: (MEW) but I won’t push anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Success! Many thanks to you all for your help. I was able to send the coins using this tutorial . I extracted the private and public keys from the Nano S using this tool If you use this make sure you download the stand alone version and use it offline as you do need your seed phrase for the Nano S. Again thanks all for your help.



Great. Good to hear.

I was recently in similar situation and used Electrum wallet created with private key and to convert it from segwit address I have to write into console p2wpkh-p2sh:“public address”

It is probably only one wallet which is able get your Segwit funds with private key.

Btw. @mav = Ian Coleman there is some SAFEnetwork tool
So the creator is definitely related to this project.

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