MaidSafe Code Bounty Program


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Maid 现在可以挖矿么?什么时候兑换1:1?
Maid mining it now? When convertible 1: 1?[/quote]

MAID Never Mined

SAFEcoin will be “Farmed” by providing resource

Farming when network goes live with SAFEcoin implemented

Conversion 1:1 when when network goes live with SAFEcoin implemented


what size do you wear, looking forward to forum responses:!!


Is it still alive and kicking?

If so is it open to anyone? If so why isn’t or advertised or promoted?


It’s on hold for the moment. The code bounty program is really useful, but requires us to be working in a more planned and clearly defined way than we are at present. When we ran the program previously we were working in development sprints with each of the planned and defined tasks entered into Jira and publicly available. We will go back to the bounty program, just not quite sure when.


Not sure someone just got burned. Lol.


No, not at all. We’re just at a different stage of the development cycle. At the moment we are more reactive that planned in that we have the design and implementation in place to reach test 15/alpha 2, and are just making the necessary last minute fixes as we continually test the network.


I was stirring the pot :wink:


Dear Sir,

I have a large network of buisness and medical info contacts that need this safe network! Thank you for your informative posts !


Haha I wish I was better at coding so I could get properly involved