MaidSafe Code Bounty Program


Question how do you claim a task? do you email the primary maintainer? or do you ask via a comment on the Jira task?


If you see a task to do then best ping @Viv and let him know you are doing that task. Or email the primary maintainer, which ever is easiest


Please pardon me if this isn’t the right place to ask, but I’d like to learn how to read/write code… specifically rust. I’m very excited about SAFE network, and I’d love to be able to contribute asap. I’m not looking for an easy route to learn, but I’d rather avoid investing time & energy learning things that are unnecessary. I’ve found some intros to other languages, and if that’s where I should start, so be it… I just don’t know which one would be best.

Is there some beginner tutorial for starting with rust? If no, is there some route you could advise to get to the point where I could start learning rust asap?


Your very welcome and not in the wrong place :smiley: This is a good start, dive in and see how you get on, The rust irc channel is great for learning as well as it seems questions are from all levels of experience and the folks are very nice and considerate.


The Tshirts have arrived! Don’t worry, our devs aren’t getting younger these days… there was just a lack of volunteers in the office to model it for me so my son stepped in to do the job!!


Great design, great tagline, great smile! Thank you @Shona. I want!


The tagline came from @dirvine!


Me want one :smile: Looks Good


Nice! I can’t wait for the next sprint to start up.


Really great design, I really like that!


task that is scheduled for 8 points (around 8 hours work) should be completed in one day

I think it is totally unrealistic. When you work on an opensource project you usually take your spare time for that, so you would hardly have 2-3 hours a day for contribution, so if the task is 8 points than only a small number of developers will be able to complete id in one day


Like anything we will need to experiment with different options and see what works best. We need to strike a balance between maintaining development speed and getting the community as engaged as possible to help spread the knowledge of the network.


It’s a realistic requirement from Maidsafe at a realistic price, requiring working within realistic time frames. If it’s not realistic for for you you to accept the terms…then don’t? The primary concern here is getting the Network etc launched - this is what they can offer people at the present time :This will change pretty soon I expect, in time anyway and they can look at accomodating part time devs I reckon :smiley:


@Anton_Kulaga from my perspective a day for a task is realistic considering you got 24hours to work on the task. So if your restricted to 2-3 hours a day you can go for tasks that are either 2/3 points. If you take a look at the current sprint board you would see that there are tasks which are blockers for other tasks. This connection between tasks makes it crucial to get rid of blockers as soon as possible to continue the development process. Hence the time constraints.


tl;dr: Is the Bounty programme still alive?

I was looking for a good starting bug (or issue) to get into coding on safe and found this. But the Jira-Link gives me an empty page (as in, I can see jira around it, but there is no content), the Contributor Agreement goes to a 404 and even with a bunch of jira search magic, I can’t really figure out which tasks are

identified by the MaidSafe team

Or unclaimed. So I am wildly confused on how to get started here…

Maybe someone could post a link a handy link that shows all “identified” tasks, showing, who claimed them and until when they have to complete them. Or, if the bounty programme is not up anymore (even though it might just lack some organisation and process, if I can’t join, it is de-facto closed), maybe unpin and close this thread and state so to spare others the frustration of trying to understand how to join.



For sure it’s alive but the last few weeks have seen us race through code and we do noed to get the MVP out then restart this proper. A couple of things falling behind right now and this is one (rfc’s being the other).

We still look at PR’s and award bounties where the PR is a bugfix or obvious improvement to code, so it stil happens although less formally than it should. Just include a BTC address with a PR for now please, everyone.


thanks for clarifying @dirvine! I understand you are under high pressure lately and stuff doesn’t always go as well as it should in these circumstances :wink: . I was just hoping to get a good starting-ticket of some sort through this. If you can give me any hints how to best find those, I’d highly appreciate it!


gihub issues is best. Many are on waffle, e.g. But for each lib there will be issues. Grab these and your set :wink:


Oh, awesome, I love . And good (like really good!) to know you are using github issues now – it got a little confusing with a bug-lib here on the forum, github issues and jira.

As you mentioned waffle, I’d also like to recommend Ubersicht, which lists github issues for an organisation across repos – very handy.

Might I add, if you’d just use the “help-wanted”-label (in an up-for-grabs manner), this handy link would show all open issues for grabs for the entire organisation but is currently empty :frowning: (and I’d be happy to create a PR to add it to the up-for-grabs listing, once there are some ticket :wink: !).


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