maidsafe_client - Could not compile 'crust'

I’m using Rust 1.1.0 on a 2014 Macbook. I’m getting a Could not compile ‘crust’ error. Am I missing something?

Here’s the gist:

Yes, this is known, for the time being you will need to use the nightly builds of rust.

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Okay, sounds good. Thank you.

Are nightly builds used because the maidsafe api’s are currently unstable while being further developed? And once the libraries are finished it will be built with rust beta? I’m just trying to understand the whole nightly thing.

So I installed the nightly and got the client to build, but I cannot get the test to work:

Hmm not sure, there was an osx issue, but perhaps @prakash can jump in and confirm. There is some full on commits happening just now. It may have slipped through, we will get it.

That’s fine. I was just curious. I’ve still got my hands full with reading the Rust Book and going over it’s syntax. I was just reading about the cargo package manager and wanted to test it out something. Thanks!

No probs this is exactly what we want, plenty of folks testing and letting us know. Thanks again

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Ah problem is you don’t have libsodium installed. Should be instructions on the README in github for that

Just checked build results, Crust builds on all platform.

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When you come back, assuming you want to :slight_smile: check out the tutorials category of this forum which should lead you through all steps for the libraries covered, and once you have those building and testing the rest should be fine too. In theory :wink: