MaidSafe CEO and founder David Irvine confirms Beta is “close”

Give those delicious claps please!


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There are others I can post to like hackernoon and one other one tat we got some good click throughs from but that I forgot the name of…

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Man this got me all excited. The wait is finally over. Now David u better not be tickling my nuts again ok :sweat_smile::joy:


Careful people

David is an optimist. It’s good that he is or IMO this project never would have gotten on the ground in the first place. So I will take this with a large grain of salt. Personally, I expect it could take up to a year for beta yet. I hope it will be tomorrow … but I expect and plan for a year.

I’m a pessimist - true … but better that than having your hopes crushed.


Yeah, I think confirm is too strong a word. I would use suggested, hopeful or optimistic. Regardless, I feel it’s a sign of significant progress.


“Close” is a relative term that means different things to different people


It is what it is people; free eyeballs.


My feeling is also beta end of year. Fleming maybe summer. Which is totally fine by me, as long as there is steady progress. Time flies


I’ll give some claps tomorrow. I thought you worded it cautiously and that was good enough for me. I’m also an optimist so I think my relative perception of soon is within a month for a solid test net and a few months for beta if things go well. If we can get it done and help push this out to the world through word of mouth and effective marketing, hopefully with increased exposure to exchanges, then things could go really well before the end of the bull market (assuming it ends between September-December 2021).


For me the post sounded like a sarcasm. First the confirm and then a bunch of maybe, almost, could.

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