MaidSafe can not arrive fast enough

Posting this in off topic because I just need to vent.
I’m getting so fed up with all of the “cloud” services, and the “cloud” in general. It all sounded so great in the beginning. “Stop worrying about maintaining your own server or website - use a cloud host or just have a Facebook page instead.” It was so great to see people empowered because they could not have root on their “own” server, or have their own place on the web (Facebook profile/page) without all of the headaches of owning hardware, setting up a site, etc. But then, as always when someone else owns your data, people found out their data was being stored and mined and sold and read by the NSA. And it turns out now that everything is in the cloud - you don’t own anything - you have no control.
New services come out all the time that look so great - e.g. I was just checking out ThisLife for automated photo storage, analysis, etc. The problem is, now there’s ANOTHER place all my photos need to be uploaded to, and ANOTHER company that will analyze them for their own gain. I have to decide whether it’s worth giving up a lot to sign up to the service.
If you’re into MaidSafe already, you know this wouldn’t be a problem. The photos could still be mine (and also ‘backed up’ at all times in the SAFE Network), yet an app could perform complex analysis like face recognition on my own computer and share the data with no one else.
I could have a social network page that no one owns but me.
And … servers? Who needs to worry about servers?

Keep up the great work guys - the future of the internet is counting on you (no pressure) :smile:


Here’s another case where something dear to my heart could be preserved by MaidSafe without all that extra work


Cloud is cable tv with us as the commercials and having to rent our own stuff back. But we dont remember signing it over.

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I was just thinking over lunch, that ‘cloud’ would have been a much better descriptive term for distributed file storage such as bittorrent and maidsafe, instead of it’s current usage denoting “store your files on some large companies server”.

So, since we’ve missed out on the word ‘cloud’, to describe this emerging distributed storage paradigm, I wonder what other word would work almost as well.

Given that it’s also encrypted, we could call it ‘the fog’. “I store all my files in the fog.” Hmmm, fog has negative connotations.

How about ‘the hive’? “My files are stored and protected in the worldwide hive.” Maybe? Need to keep noodling.


Didn’t MaidSafe use the word “mist” in their video?

That sounded very accurate and pleasant to me :slight_smile:

Mist is cool. So is “swarm.” I like “swarm” as it points toward potency and action and the ability to provoke a response.

@Tom_Carlson Totally agree about the word “Cloud”. Actually thinking about the way the “Cloud” term was what made me write this post. I want the real cloud, which … as you said, is MaidSafe or something like it.

I like where you’re coming from, but “hive” reminds me of the Borg lol. It does fit pretty well with the ideas underlying the technology of MaidSafe though (ants, bees, etc).

@whiteoutmashups - Mist does sound pretty cool. It’s like a magical mist … with DATA in it :smile:

Unfortunately our friends on the Etherium crew are using Mist to refer to their browser so it could be a little confusing to use Mist in this context too.

Maybe the SAFECloud? :smile: It still has the word cloud, but it’s like Michael Bolton in Office Space said when someone asked him why he doesn’t change his name.


We could take the term back especially if their cloud was unsafe by implication.

I am hoping transparency quickly exposes the be-headings as state sponsored terror. We got all this crap with 911 and the Bush Admin, if it gets officially tied to them it will bring a political revolution. There will be no way to spin it. And it will be much harder to war monger. That old liberal dictum that “war is a conspiracy of weapons makers” was not disproved by WWII, its seems to be holding.