MaidSafe blog -- The Power of the Crowd series


Interesting Willie, I hadn’t thought of it as a cryptographic concensus mechanism but that also looks promising.


From Davids comment “Even if that solution is give up id to pals or close groups and use the groups vote to carry forward etc. So web of trust type vote, but more web of known people or similar” I understand the objective is to “rebuild or re-engineer a community of trusted (inter) links”? In other words… we are creating a “CommunityLink Trust” web which could naturally become a real time “constitution” and indicator of the community organism/system health.

What system of governance is necessary to enable this? This leads to Al_Kafir’s comments/questions; “we have 2 basic questions here:”

  1. what governance model do we apply to the Network?
    (To provide for infra-structure)
  2. What governance model do we apply to the community?
    (Policing, welfare etc)

This comes back to earlier Davids comment… “I keep coming back to smaller communities that somehow interact via simple rules like unidroit laws or something”. This raises a third key question:

  1. Will the governance of the both system (techs) and the community (users) be integrated/run holistically by autonomous “smaller communities (comprising users & techs)” or administered separately?

This is fundamental to

i. the networks’s holistic organisational design/operating system and Al_Kafirs comment for "why/how to transition to a community directed governance scheme"
ii. support Maidsafe’s stated aim to decentralised network management and administration
iii. ability for the Community to evolve and operate as a decentralised autonomous organism to follow its natural evolutionary path
iv. do a bit of societal genetic engineering by inserting the SAFE beneficial gene into current society to enhance our current genetic makeup
v. defining the makeup of a representative community user established “data unidriot” overseeing “community access” & driving a Universal information account (UIA) as its core which starts as a SAFE farmer.
vi. A safe farmer/UIA as the core underlying methodology for universal system engagement and deployment of “efficiency dividends/benefits” via the new social contract including a universal basic income (UBI) and localised community sustainability support. It’s a rebalancing issue which needs to be addressed systemically via the power of the people!! Where can these “efficiency dividends/benefits” be found?? The smart city revolution could be a good start pt as they are projecting trillions in savings and improved service delivery to communities.

The next step? We need to address Al-Kafir questions “So what about the foundation then, how do we change the governance of it to provide for these various projects? I’d suggest we work towards changing it into a DAO.” From here it might be possible to evolve a

i. SAFE community Breakthrough (Social capital & governance/unidroit) model (borrowing from Volans Sustainable Development UN report re need) which is circular, lean and exponentially social,
ii. a phase 1 business case to demo how we can create “efficiency dividends at scale” via re-engineering “communities of trusted links” and how the benefits are distributed via a new social contract
iii. an Investment case to enable this whilst protecting Community control in perpetuity

to support the SAFE community’s vision AND create a sustainable commercial base line for the network & key enablers without which we can’t go forward…


It would be nice if the network could somehow assign and revoke roles (using PK’s) based on developer popularity and other TBD criterion.