Maidsafe Blog February 4th: Development Update


That is one slick messaging UI. I really like it!


What will the MVP look like and what will you be able to do with it? The MVP will enable users to install the software and connect to the network from their computer, store and retrieve files, browse sites hosted on the SAFE Network and message other users.

I don’t really understand why it’s called “Minimum Viable”. If we can store files and websites and message from one to the other, I think that already covers a lot already!


Excellent post @Ross thanks - and I’m blown away by the messaging UI @Scott. :raised_hand: High five to everyone involved in that!


@polpolrene, it shows they are really thinking big :slightly_smiling: . If this is an MVP, well you can imagine what a full functional product would be and what their ideal ecosystem would look like.

Personally I wish the team all the best as they move forward. I think by the end of the year, they may just be the lowest cost cloud disk/backup storage provider for the average joe. The UI is amazing, someone has great skills in designing this stuff. Interesting times.


Okay, here we go :grinning:

  • Apps in a decentralized App-store.
  • Multiple “youtube’s” by and for the people without ads.
  • Buying and selling computation, where we calculate more than Amazon AWS and Google combined.
  • Streaming television where everybody is able to create a channel and broadcast live to the world.
  • Safecoin CFD-contracts where we can peg the price of Safecoin to a Dollar or Euro.

It’s gonna be great!


This make me even more proud to be a part of this community. Maidsafe, catering to the entire spectrum. :sunglasses:


Well it’s been kind of a windy road to get to this point, so are we now saying that it’s straight into a live network that will be scaled up?

If this MVP includes messaging and is live, that would imply the start of permanent ID registration?

But @nicklambert did call it equivalent to beta, so any permanent may not be so


Good point, not sure of the relationship between Testnet, MVP and Beta in regard to ID

UI looks great, but I still hope its fully customizable.

I think that permanence of public IDs/data is dependent upon how well the testing goes and I would suggest erring on the side of caution and assuming that all data and IDs will be removed at some point. It may not be, but best to be on the safe side.


Blog isn’t working for me, it says server not found.

Anyone else has that problem?

Loaded fine for me. Needed to make this more than 20 characters…

What we are expecting to be released in a matter of weeks is a Testnet and not a MVP ?

It’s an MVP, Chris. I guess we risk getting too caught up in terminology vs what is actually being delivered at this point, but from my perspective a test net is something that we have had in the past that enables engineers to integrate the libraries together and confirm that basic and desired functionality exists. An MVP is a more advanced stage that turns that test net into an actual product (commencement of UI based apps, installers, API), all be it one that is still very much under development.


Great update. Nice to have a less technical level of detail such that I can share it with my many non-nerd friends! :slight_smile:



I appreciate the more laymen friendly update. I’m still skeptical of the community having a MVP soon. We need Irving in a cage with photographic evidence to ascertain that he isn’t planning any funny ideas with the code again.

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