MaidSafe blog 11 December 2017: SAFEnetwork Autumn/Winter 2017 Development Update


New maidsafe blog post:

@SarahPentland there seem to be some typos in the paragraph which mentions ‘’. I think all occurrences of that and also ‘nodes’ in that paragraph are referring to ‘node.js’.


Thanks! I have updated now


Just my 2 cents but perhaps when speaking to a global audience and community Q4 instead of Autumn update makes more sense if you are reading from an area where it is the opposite season.


Great to see you digging in @SarahPentland keep up the great work!


I agree, there are a lot of us in the southern hemisphere and its now Summer here not spring and definitely not Autumn. The >30oC days suggests its not :disappointed_relieved::sunglasses::sweat::sweat: