Maidsafe at IOT Presentation/Meetup, in Edinburgh


Just finished watching this presentation from a few weeks ago.

Especially enjoyed learning the numbers as to total Peta-bytes stored by leading data centers, and the costs (money, energy, environmental) associated with running those services… v’s Safe Network.



And to think I was programming a PDP10 in 1973

Although the one I was on joined the network at a later time to 1973. They were KA processors in those days with 256K words of main memory


Nice talk @nicklambert - pity they spelled your name wrong! Can I ask what type of audience it was in terms of technical understanding, and what sort of questions did they put to you afterwards?


Thanks @JPL.

I’ve been called way worse :).

I’ve found at most of these events that you tend to have about 10% developers and the rest tends to be a real mix of people from technologists working within the sector to first time attendees looking to see what all the fuss is about. This of course makes it impossible to deliver a presentation that speaks to all these groups.

The questions in this case were about privacy, there were a couple of attendees who debated that they genuinely didn’t care about privacy, the if you’re doing nothing wrong you don’t have anything to hide brigade.

The great thing about this event for me was listening to Paul Brody (of Adept fame) speak about his past experiences with using blockchain and the types of projects they are working on at EY. Seemed like a decent, knowledgeable and humble guy.


Blimey. Who goes to an IoT event with the “if you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear” attitude? The IoT of all things. Jeez. I take it they’ll be buying cameras for their bedrooms, curtains programmed to open when they’re naked, assistants tuned to pick up when they’re whispering or having a row and smart toilets that upload their every bowel movement to the cloud. Weird.

I wasn’t aware of Paul Brody. Thanks for the link. I’ll have a read.


‘Going back to the roots of the internet’ - love that phrase. Thanks for the talk Nick.