Maidsafe at Decentralised Web Summit


Mark uuuuuuuuhhhhh. Not sure on last name for some reason


Any Southampton supporters around :wink:


Awesome presentation!!!


Tour de force @maidsafe team! Really good, seriously, no weak links at all. It was lucky (planned or not?) that you left plenty of time at the end for @dirvine to explain the vision behind the project at the end. :clap::clap::clap:


I’d say, a moving part.


Wow! You guys absolutely smashed it! Amazing presentation. Very clear overview of what SAFE is. I can’t believe anyone that was listening to that wouldn’t be blown away with what they heard and will be immediately looking further into the Safe Network. Well done guys!


Yes, great last question and explanation. That part was missing :wink:


I always learn something new everytime I hear the @maidsafe team talk. Well done. Anyone know who Brewster is???


Brewster Kahle


Thanks @JPL I thought David seemed excited now I know why


Really excellent presentation—thanks to the team for making this possible!


This event is a big deal (although the press don’t seem to realise it, maybe cos most tech journos are too young). Look at this pic L-R Chris Allen blockchain & cryptography pioneer, Ted Nelsen, arguably the inventor of linked data, Tim Berners-Lee (no explanation needed), Vint Cerf (co-inventor of the internet) and Brewster Kahle (enemy of liers and censors everywhere). These guys might be the old guard, but before anyone discounts the event for that reason they are joined by Zooko Wilcox of Zcash, devs from Ethereum, IPFS and Mozilla. It’s a meeting of many of the best minds coming from from lots of different directions. That’s why it’s great that MaidSafe is networking (in a decentralised way) with them.


Very true. It’s incredible how there was only about 60 people watching the Maidsafe presentation when you have over 700,000 subscribers to forums like r/cryptocurrency.

It just feels like crypto had a huge boost last year and basically went mainstream, but most people are looking in the completely wrong direction, which of course makes sense with the amount of money that was to be made from all these crazy ICO’s.

As we keep saying: “the cream will rise to the top eventually”. We just need to stay patient.


Good stuff @maidsafe. David was put on the spot by Brewster and - under pressure - nailed it. I’ll suggest you document @dirvine last response to Brewster - trim it of the fat, say 50% , smooth it out for the general population and put it all together as a visualization.

People are like tea bags, they don’t know how strong they are until they’re in hot water.

Thanks Brewster.


60’s not bad for a live feed from an event like this tbh. Most of the others I was watching from this one had 20 or so. Anyway, the video will be watched much more after the fact, and I may be biased but I thought it was bloody good.


I agree it was very good. And I did notice the count go up when maidsafe went on. I just feel like there are so many people that want to be learning about these huge game-changing technologies, but the information is just taking it’s time to get to them.

I hope the recordings do the rounds well. They definitely deserve to.


I tend to agree. Although it was nice to hear how they got to the latest authentication technique, it probably isn’t necessary when there are so many things to talk about on SAFE.

Still, excellent job by @Viv


Overcoming inertia is a slow process, especially when the adversary you are trying to overcome is far from inert. Google, Facebook, Amazon and the rest are changing and adapting at an unbelievable rate - but unfortunately in the wrong direction for most of us here. Plus, you’ve got to be a bit of a masochist to watch events live on YouTube. Minds aren’t changed overnight, but change can happen quickly when the time is right.


I will steal that quote from you


I am all in favor of any plan that brings in more developers and Apps to the network even if it delays the beta timeline. 100% support for you David.