Maidsafe at Decentralised Web Summit


I know I’m maybe wasting my time with this subreddit, but I’ve added it here hoping for some more eyes on the live stream:


Also added here which might be a better one:


soooooooo exciting!!!


If I understand you here the Data Transfer Project aims to fill this gap (see topic below), though obviously given it is backed by the big offenders in this area we should proceed with eyes open. It is though open source, so the thing to be cautious about are possibly the data models and ontologies that it fosters.

Even if those are not ideal though, the big win is the ability to move away from those big offenders and onto open platforms like SAFE and Solid.


Probably someone’s already come up with this idea, but is all this talk of SAFE and SoLiD an appropriate time to say I really like the name SAFE pod ? Sort of like a digital version of these spheres, where you wake up secure with your thoughts (and data, and apps etc.) before venturing out into the forest, or maybe even just looking out of the window at the forest!


So looks like the agenda on the youtube link is wrong.

Apparently this is the correct link to the streaming (2pm SF time)

(same link as Nick’s post below)

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Not sure if it is just my connection, but I’m not getting any video, only audio?


The link for our talk is here: Seems they are having some labelling issues on their YT channel. We’ll be on in a couple of hours.


OP link updated thanks.


I just watched several of the IPFS lightening talks and the walk through of ZeroNet. Both really good.

IPFS have lots of momentum, big team, good speakers and lots of threads of work. They seem to be well on track to become natively supported in browsers, having demoed his in Firefox nightly. The other routes they have are: gateway server / self hosted server, IPFSjs library (so any Web app works in any browser) or browser add-on (more performant).

On app that caught my eye was Peerpad an open source collaborative editor.

Their next big push will be to support mobile, work beginning 2019.

There was also a nice demo by which uses IPFS to provide a secure anonymous storage system with fine grained, hierarchical access control and file sharing. Very nice, and a serverless login scheme similar to SAFE. I think it would be great if SAFE could match this functionality if at all possible - is that feasible @dirvine?

ZeroNet have a very nice simple user experience. I didn’t get how you start accessing it (ah, @JPL says you download an executable) once you are online the UX was very nice with a handful of ready to go multi user applications read to deploy by clicking a button. Just click and you had a blog that only you could edit, live on ZeroNet.

An interesting story was their problems with China’s Great Firewall, which is now blocking their seed servers. They asked for ideas on how to deal with this so I tweeted to ask if he’s looked at SAFE p2p libraries and suggested asking here.

ZeroNet also had a really nice status panel in the browser: click to reveal a rotatable globe showing peers, click to switch to a list of peers with coloured bars which showed how those in China were all blocked.



ZeroNet - you have to download an executable. I haven’t tried it for a year or so.

I’m enjoying what I’m managing to catch of the live feed through all the glitches but it keeps cutting out at crucial points. Very annoying. Let’s hope they sort it out before MaidSafe’s talk. :crossed_fingers:


Live now:


Is it streaming terribly for anyone else? Keeps stopping then jumping forward…


Drop the quality off from HD might help…


That helped thanks - 80 mbps can’t be enough for a single full hd stream from YouTube :smiley:


that helped loads - thanks


@Viv nice delivery here live.


@viv’s storming it! Very confident delivery. Dammit @BIGbtc beat me to it…


Only thing I’d question is going back in time to the Launcher. I know it was teeing up the Authenticator but maybe too much information for newcomers in the spirit of less is more.


Namecheck for @happybeing!!!