Maidsafe at Decentralised Web Summit

@JPL Okay I see that they are scheduled to be live streamed but no link just yet? Not sure when and where we’ll find those.



Ah OK. Not sure …

I’ve been involved in the cryptospace for many years and have a background within finance and sometimes feel like the impact of true ownership of data within the field of Economics is somewhat misunderstood. So I went on a small rant and published a reply to the great article published today :slight_smile: Feel free to criticize.


It was interesting, Now @nicklambert @bochaco @frabrunelle and @hunterlester are there showing off some SOLID apps on SAFE. Brewester Kale, Tim and us have an interesting opportunity to make a statement to show what can be achieved with a decentralised Internet, RDF data layers and some information that is vital to humanities future. A seed was developed at the conference today and a plan was hatched to make a wee bit of a splash to show us all how the Internet should work. Watch this space in a few short months, it might be a bit of an eye-opener. @Krishna and his team are gonna be busy and we do hope to enlist @happybeing again to help showcase this preview of things to come.

I think we all here will be happy to see the outcome, but later, not just now, not just now. A few months of some planning, legals and a wee bit of code (of course) and we will see, everyone will see :slight_smile:

Now back to work for us and more networking tomorrow. For sure this is a decent conference and things look like they will come out of it, which is unusual, but appreciated.


Thats my defense for staring blankly at @dirvine in that tweeted pic :stuck_out_tongue: I was just thinking of the ways the frontend team are gonna kill us when they heard the news :innocent:

Its going to be an interesting task for sure and something pretty exciting :wink: .

Yep certainly been a good day 1 and met quite a few like minded folk and some neat collab options that are open between the projects.




Nice! not fair you are not telling us yet though @dirvine @Viv :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :stuck_out_tongue: . We are getting ready for the Science Fair here in the Internet Archive, it’s looking really good!


But also cold, our booth is outside for the next session. Just as well a lifetime of Scottish winds have prepared me!


oh dont you woz @bochaco you’ll hear alllllll about it at breakfast tomorrow. I’ll just get some protective armor ready first though :smiley:

ooo yes justice I say for you guys having a late start in the day today :innocent:


well, this may sound like a fanboy talk, but I really like what you’re doing here…

Go, Go Maidsafe Team!


So the ability to access a Universal Information Account (UIA) being a (solid/safe) space on the internet where we own our own data which cannot be taken away from us is near!:grinning:

**The Summit Mission Strategies for Scale section asks the key questions.**…
"How can we harness that momentum to build something millions of people can actually use? What code is working and what’s still missing? Can we work together to identify and tackle the roadblock issues?

The missing link IMO is an open data (exchange) system model/design/method which can interlink (communitylink/CL) (UIA) proprietal data for the common good. Data ownership is the defining issue of our age!! As I see it by signing up for the UIA account (as per the safeplume demo) within the solid/safe hub enabled Open data network system you can support the network as a farmer, you get control of your data and as an Account owner (your private space on the net that you own and control) you become as a Universal basic equity (UBE) rightholder (CODE token) to share in the profits created by the system and from permission based access to your data.

Initially CODE (CommunityLink open data Ecology) tokens can be use to underpin the co phased establishment of the CommunityLink “decentralised web” network/value ecology and can act as the fuel/data content in the same way a safecoin is the engine oil. In theory there is should be a natural synergy between CODE (content) and Safecoin (storage) which will be key to “unlocking the CODE” to achieve the Summit objective to “Locking the internet open. This time for good”.

People, business, communities and industry will be able to establish their own “closed loop networks of trust/value exchange and join closed loop solutions such as the local community hub which is an ODE. This will also enable you to connect to other “products” (close loops/mutuals) sharing in the “profits of the system” e.g. for your health and financial products. In theory the solid/safe offering is simply a better product at a better price with profit share.
So a collective endeavour needs to be able to place some ODE interlinks between some proprietal data to meet a client need, deliver a commercial benefit and ultimately generate some revenue for providers as a natural progression from the safeplume demo. The “Can we work together to identify and tackle the roadblock issues?” question can be addressed via a Co phase development plan which progressively addresses the issues raised … starting with “agreeing what we mean by decentralised web” then “how can we work together, FUND and create infrastructure and tools we can trust”. So defining/agreeing a Foundation (Co phase 0) Agenda to frame/set up this path is probably a key next step.


Mike Judge just brought up they researched Maidsafe and did a lot of it for this last season.


I was just going to say that! Can someone rip that clip of Mike Judge saying they researched Maidsafe a lot?! So we can post it everywhere!!! :smiley:

I heard more mentions of Maidsafe in the whole stream than any other project. They’ve got the respect they deserve and for that I am truly happy. :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:


This tickles me nuts. Its always exciting trying to understand the messages. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::grin::grin::grimacing::grimacing::innocent:


As long as it doesn’t impact beta delivery timeframe, I don’t really care. Hopefully, it will benefit beta delivery like Parsec


Yea I met Johnathan from the studios, he was telling me about that.

It will positively or negatively for sure, but even negatively if it attracts many new developers and apps, then it may be worth it. It’s a decision we will make and hopefully make it well.


Video is on Youtube now - mention at 28:50


with the timestamp @jpl:


I can’t possibly explain how excited I am about this, and while I’d love to be there I can see there are benefits to being about as far away from San Francisco and Chennai as I can…

Thats my defense for staring blankly at @dirvine in that tweeted pic :stuck_out_tongue: I was just thinking of the ways the frontend team are gonna kill us when they heard the news :innocent:

Also: :innocent:


This looks like it will be the livestream: