Maidsafe at Decentralised Web Summit

Wednesday 2pm San Francisco time (UTC-7) / 10pm London time (here’s the livestream updated courtesy of @nicklambert ).

Talk with David, Viv, Nick and Gabriel… (and Francis is there too - good luck team).

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Also, Tim Berners-Lee and Ruben Verborgh on Thursday at the same times introducing Project Solid (they are also doing a workshop on building Solid apps):

Looking at the schedule, I know I’m biased but I didn’t see much to compare with either of these two projects. There is some really good stuff, such as talks and workshops by the Scuttlebutt guys and Paul Frazee of DAT/Beaker which are certainly interesting, but nothing on the scale of SAFE or Solid.


Please share live stream links for youtube in this thread, don’t know if they will be hard to find but better to be SAFE then sorry. :slight_smile:


A new Medium article from MaidSafe:


That’s a good article


Very interesting. While this isn’t at all the main point of the article, I was intrigued by this part:

The exciting opportunity will be building a model where individual users are rewarded in crypto-currencies for sharing their data in return for services. This is not idealistic it is feasible, because the SAFE Network will work in conjunction with blockchain immutable ledger technologies that can validate transactions

Was this worded like this specifically to reach out to blockchain projects, or is there some idea of tighter integration of the SAFE network and blockchains?

I just wonder why Safecoin (which can validate transactions) wasn’t used in the example here, at least alongside Blockchain immutable ledger technologies. People may miss that the Safe Network can also be a crypto currency platform that hosts coins / tokens and validates transactions, plus can hold a distributed ledger if required.

I’ve always thought it’d be very cool if there were a way to integrate with blockchain nodes to enable them to interact with the SAFE network to scale, using SAFE a bit like the Lightning network by locking up blockchain tokens / currencies so they can be traded / transferred / stored on the Safe network, and then transacted back onto blockchains when required by sending out through SAFE connected nodes.

Very much looking forward to hearing the talk tomorrow, and hearing what the outcomes of the conference are for the team :slight_smile:


Afaik, lightning doesn’t define the transport mechanism. I suspect instead of using live peer to peer connections to perform transactions, the SAFENetwork could act as an intermediary to add a secure buffer layer. Transactions could still happen at network speed, but the they would be more robust against disruption. In short, it would be somewhere between a blockchain and direct p2p.


Was this worded like this specifically to reach out to blockchain projects, or is there some idea of tighter integration of the SAFE network and blockchains?

Indeed, this can use some clarification. And what is exactly meant by “blockchain immutable ledger technologies”? The explanation in the Medium article could be interpreted as an alternative for Safecoin or changes in the planned implementation of it.
Because for instance preventing ‘stealing’ of Safecoin is more difficult (money incentive) than protecting data and keeping data untraceable, as far that I understand it. See for instance this topic and at the end of this topic


Tim and David having an early chat!

SAFE and Solid meet :slight_smile:


No-one’s looking at each other in that pic!

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Well, it’s in a church setting after all.

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Wonder if the UK press will pick up on this. History in the making.


A photo for the history books.


Everyone is enthralled by whatever David is saying :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


They look lost in their own thoughts, like they’ve just heard their country has entered a major war, especially in black and white!


What I see in this picture is David explaining something and Tim listening intently to him.

And I think that’s the best way this summit could have started for this project.


I don’t know Volentix (yet), but it is also a good start that they want to use PARSEC:


Yanny vs Laurel - I see what you see now!


Good to see PARSEC getting recognition. I hope it helps their project and encourages more people to get involved.


More like they found a winning move?

Or maybe…

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Is there a stream for the dec web summit??


Looks like it:

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