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Community Updates for this week


Exciting times! Also, simple MaidSafe Malaysia outreach video:


MaidSafe Asia & SAFE Community Updates Posted

Has some great images as well! Enjoy. Last week’s is on there too, I forgot to make a post about it on here. But they’re both there. Many languages available, translated by native speakers.


MS Asia & Translated Update Posted

These are the newest updates that get translated by the translation partners at MS Asia.

Check out the new Meetup page & group I’m creating in my town of Kuala Lumpur!


Since I always do the updates for them anyway, decided to take it in a new direction from now on.

Big thanks to everyone at MaidSafe Asia for promising to translate it. We are all doing all we can to get MaidSafe out there and into the minds of people who need it most, regardless of what language they speak.

I spent lots of time making this, but hopefully now that I finished the overall template and designs, future ones will be easier. We will be investing into social media outreach for these so that groups on FB, Reddit and all the others will be able to see something as easily and accessible as presents its data.

Hope you guys enjoy these! More every week :slight_smile:


Hey I made this video tutorial for MaidSafe Asia, but if anyone is looking to translate this into any other languages and share online, feel free to use it also (@dimitar etc). It goes over how to use the software i got at so you can edit my MaidSafe Weekly Update Image (download image template link here):


Thanks a lot for your help @whiteoutmashups!

This is the translation in Bulgarian:


Hey that’s nice, great job there. You can also just send me the text and I can format it for you as well.

Would you mind messaging me the pdn file? I can do some clean ups and blast it out with the others in the social media round for you.

Thanks again! Great stuff


Worth also a "translated by *** " credit ?


Hmm looks like my previous link didn’t work.

Please click here and join our Meetup group! Show some support :slight_smile:

SAFE Pod KL Malaysia!


I finished this week’s update image. Will be translated soon.

Will post this everywhere I can, except Reddit this week, since I’m in Indonesia (Jakarta) right now and Reddit seems to be blocked by this country’s government…

Real motivation to make SAFE huge ASAP :smiley:


Thanks a lot for your help @whiteoutmashups, this time I think it’s ok :wink:

This is the translation in Bulgarian:


MaidSafe Asia really delivered :smiley:

Huge thanks to all their translators @Jinho_Jang @aydenlee Eddie, Hank and now @dimitar (above) and DavidIto! These images have inspired unspoken SAFErs around the world to jump up and help. Here’s an image dump (Mandarin coming real soon) of everyone’s progress, which you can also see here:



Please share your relevant language Update Image from this thread on your social media, guys! Let’s blast these to as many places on the internet as we can think of. We all can do our part to help with MaidSafe marketing every week! Thanks


Exciting Update! This one will go pretty big…



FInally finished the one from last week… been too much travel and flights etc

Also check it and its translations on the MaidSafe Asia forums here

Help me blast it everywhere :+1:


All caught up! Finished this week’s one as well. Enjoy!

Help me blast it everywhere on social media, reddit etc!


Thank you for the wonderful job @whiteoutmashups!

This is the translation in Bulgarian:


you the man!

Thanks so much. Will post around!


Newest one! We’ve updated our system and delegated better, so things shouldn’t always be late anymore. Hopefully everything will be finished the same day the dev update comes out (will see if that’s true today!)

Please share this image on all your social media accounts if you care about MaidSafe :smiley:


where u guys from?which negeri?