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#Posted this week’s Apps Update

So much good news from both sides, and great job to MaidSafe for releasing Authenticator.

Also the Asia forum has so many great new features thanks to Mrs. Ha in Vietnam. She added some very useful header bars to the top for apps, etc, and a very visible language bar so everyone can choose their languages. Also she totally redid the whole website so it has a unique theme that is extremely slick and fits the main website very well. Hats off to Ha!

Also thought I’d post this great pic :slight_smile: Using it as my profile on all my accounts, was very happy to meet everyone today:

Got to see the powerhouses in action today, @ustulation , @Viv , @nicklambert , @dirvine , @fraser


And @savage I added a tag that says “3rd party app dev” under my name, and added a disclaimer to the top


Great photo Will, you are really part of the team building a better future :slight_smile:

Do we now see that when @dirvine was offline for a while it was really because he was having transitional surgery? :laughing:


It was the photographer that made the photo so good :wink:

You mean to a human, no it failed :smiley:


I noticed that too, then realised the obvious that the list of names was not a photo left-to-right name listing. I am unsure who is who in the photo. Only recognise a couple and unsure with the rest.[quote=“dirvine, post:24, topic:13198”]
You mean to a human, no it failed

Many think Engineers are not human. Have you heard that there is no such thing as a civil Engineer?


Left to Right
Spandan Viv Fraser Linda Will Nick

I am behind camera :smiley:


#Posted MaidSafe Asia Update summary

Also has a great section on “Community Updates” that highlights all the important progress from the community this week. & enjoy the refined site layout!


This week’s MaidSafe Asia App Dev summary.

Has been a slow week for me with travel, but have had time to get a few things done, most notably the MaidSafe Solutions Github, which has our past, current & future projects listed. This supports our main goal of creating a “code nursery” of free, MS-S sponsored code projects for SAFE Devs around the world to learn from.

Excited to be back!


Really like the maidsafe solutions website, nice to see the languages it supports. This is really important imo.


Couldn’t agree more!

The world :earth_africa: is so much bigger than US / UK. This type of thing is essential


was debating adding Frames, because it came out after. Might just add it to the next week’s update


Catch up with the team. Very good to have @aydenlee back with us!!


#Asia & Community Update Posted

Enjoy :smiley: Lots of good stuff this week!


#Update from this week

Includes all the great news from this week’s dev update, and also general news from around the community & from MaidSafe Asia


Published this tutorial video to our MaidSafe Solutions YouTube account:


#Community Update Posted

Most releases this week came from the community. But glad to see lots of progress from MaidSafe, even if it’s mostly in-house this week.


We have a new page for the…

#MaidSafe Indonesian Group!

Please show it some love!! :heart_eyes: :heart:


New promotional video produced by MaidSafe Korea


Been a while since we’ve done one of these, but…

#App Dev’s Update Summary

released above. Enjoy! New one coming out tomorrow

Also made this post about the TEST 17 demos


Here’s 12 pics made & translated by MaidSafe Korea

and here’s 9 more