MaidSafe Announces Decentralized Internet Program Coming in March

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Shout out to @nicklambert for his continued professionalism in this exciting time.

A couple relevant sections:

[quote]At the Free State Project conference in New Hampshire, Monday, Maidsafe was among the first presenters to speak at the annual privacy-seekers gathering. According to MaidSafe’s Paige Peterson’s presentation, the release of their primary Internet product should arrive by next month, after completion of final testing.

“We are very close to delivering the MVP and depending on which core developer you speak to, this can be measured in either days or weeks,” according to the company’s most recent blog post. “What will the MVP look like and what will you be able to do with it?. The MVP will enable users to install the software and connect to the network from their computer, store and retrieve files, browse sites hosted on the SAFE Network and message other users. Subsequent development sprints will see the addition of other extremely important features, such as Safecoin.

Nick Lambert, COO of Maidsafe, filled me in on what this revolutionary decentralized Internet model looks like, from the inside-out, and how it works.

“The idea for MaidSafe came from our founder David Irvine. Many of the problems within network infrastructure were caused by the servers themselves. This led him to start to think about removing servers from the management of data, and the formation of MaidSafe in February of 2006, incorporating the development of a new, server-less network design.”[/quote]


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The article is nice but it doesn’t really say anything. Wish-wash. Thanks for posting anyway :slightly_smiling:

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I don’t know how I feel about Safecoin being refered to as an altcoin:

[quote]The altcoin known as Safecoin (Safe is an acronym for Safe Access
for Everyone) will be required to use services (such as storage space,
VOIP calls, social networks where the user controls their own data…etc…)
on the network.[/quote]

It’s still before the birth of the network, but it feels like Safecoin will be the new standard, not just an alternative.

I mean, this isn’t a bitcoin clone like 99% of “altcoins”, it’s a whole new technology with a new value proposition.


It’s pretty weird, I was interviewed for this article back in 2014. I think the author has repurposed the comments I gave then into a new article having attended the Liberty Forum. I guess we are encouraged to recycle!


Yes I know. I closed yours because the other was more useful, and already in the correct category (yours was in community/articles rather than press).

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So the “coming in March” is his own expectation?

No, that’s referring to Paige’s talk (also quoted).


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Somehow I always manage to miss the important stuff when I try to skim an article, thanks. :blush:

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According to the daily decrypt , paige told amanda to expect mvp end of this month 0:35 which is also what nick said.


Go with the dev updates, we try to be accurate to within a week there, which is better. We are gaining ground recently @Viv is leading a huge charge in between getting married :slight_smile: Seriously January was hard without him and Feb is hard without Spandan, we are getting there though.


I’d say we’re all excited to see any updates you have today and next week.

(p.s. @dirvine have you gotten calls from your original investors about current MAID prices? Must be a strong return for anyone holding.)

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It’s funny how “March” is only mentionned in the title, and that neither Nick Lambert, nor the article author, mentions anything about a date in the actual article. Makes the article look like an attempt to get people to think the date is much more weeks further than what the community is expecting, and possibly cause the price to dump which it did just now.

PS: And I quote

Author: Evander Smart
Evander Smart worked for many years as a Wall Street banker, and has
learned how the economy is self-destructing from the inside.

None of them are holding yet an won’t till safecoin is launched. I am sure they will be very happy to see progress after all this time though :+1


What?? You’re saying that there’s something more important in @Viv’s life than SAFE?!

Joking aside, congrats @Viv! :confetti_ball:


Article website is down…