MaidSafe and SafeNet are finally live! The new internet is here


This article is so extremely inaccurate it does more damage than good! It’s def not in beta, this is merely alpha testing, the actual MVP may be considered beta, also it should be mentioned right off the bat that it’s a rolling release and not an actual p2p network yet as vaults aren’t installed client side. Ugh these people


That’s the main reason I post the articles here I find. I have Google Alerts setup for the term maidsafe and I get emailed when the term is found on any new webpages. Anybody want to reach out and correct the writer? I’m at work right now and don’t have time.


I left a comment at the bottom but it’s awaiting moderation I can try to contact him on lunch though. Good on you @upstate


He’s updated article within 15 mins of your post/comment.

Nice to see that kind of responsiveness and he seems appreciative of the corrections.

WD Nigel!


@Jabba when I go to link it still says the project is in beta. I saw he had replied to me in comments so I was going to thank him on his prompt revision but when I looked over it, I didn’t see any difference. Also hasn’t this project been 10 years in the making? Not 8?

oops, i was guilty of the same. I checked comments and assumed the text was changed… you know what the say about assumption /oops

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Hey guys!
I wrote this article. Let me know if there’s anything else you think I should change/add on it. I’ll be more than happy to add to it. I did change beta => alpha.


Hey @AlexFortin i just skimmed very fast through your article :wink:

first of all: cool that you wrote an article about the SafeNet!

The network won’t allow less efficient upgrades, only ones that would make it better!

I’m not exactly sure what statement this is based on.
I’d assume if the majority of the network “upgrades to a less efficient version of the safe network” (that is compatible to the current implementation) this upgrade will go through and can “capture the network” … the network itself will have a hard time to decide what is a efficient upgrade and what is not … at least this is how I imagine it …

How much does it cost to use safenet?
Safenet is totally free to use. The only cost is to offer a part of
your hard drive to host part of the network. The more you offer, the
more you can upload on the network.

afaik it doesn’t cost anything to surf the safenet, you don’t even have to offer a part of your hard drive, but you have to possibility to do it and earn safecoin by serving data. The more data you serve, the more safecoin you can get; these safecoin you then can use to upload stuff or just use it for payments =)

A pro point for the safe network you could add is that it is super-easy to host a website on the safenet. On the classic Internet you need to rent a domain name, rent some webspace or a server, then you can upload your website and you will have to pay as long as your website is online.

At SafeNet you just decide “i want a website!” - you grab your domain, create the website, you pay a one-time-fee in safecoin for the amount of storage you need and upload it.

Welcome @AlexFortin

@riddim I think Alex is correct about upgrades. The scheme David has outlined means that the network itself won’t include a new version (a node using a new version) unless after a trial period it is performing at least as well as the current nodes. I’m not sure if this can be made bullet proof, but Alex’s description is accurate on that basis.

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Wow - cool! :astonished: ok i missed that … that really is … impressing!

Thx for this info! @AlexFortin & @happybeing

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