MaidSafe and project SAFE moving forward

Wouldn’t the domain idea go against what the SAFE Network is about?


If you have any kind of DNS then that creates a scarce resource, and a scarce resource, without central control, inevitably creates a market. the only alternative would be to forget about a DNS and only allow network names.


It is easy to create a redirect either as a HTTP redirect or even a javascript rewrite.

As for the ethics, name space is limited and there will always be a premium for the best ones. The best you can do is create a market for said limited supply of good names. If maidsafe don’t, others will.

Ofc, there may be other competing/overlaying DNS services on top of the core one, but they have to route to somewhere and on safe net, the lowest level addresses are publicIDs (rather than IP addresses on the clear net).

Once the network is live, it is too late to think about what names maidsafe should pre-register - it will be a free for all race to accumulate as many good ones as possible.

None of this stuff need be done by developers, other than a tiny script to register accounts/IDs automatically. It is an administrative job, that could help maidsafe gain investment and an income. MVP developers need not be affected.


Nothing, imo. Why not do both?


Hmmmm Seneca indicated that he would buy a domain

[quote=“twotes, post:603, topic:9558”]
i’ll send 10btc now if i could have TESCO.
[/quote] Here we even got 1 person willing to spend 10btc ($ 5742.40) on one domain name

I’m ready to buy 3 domain names even for $1000 a piece.

It sounds like there is demand, I know that there is demand, the same big whales that are turning their back on Maidsafe right now because they want to sell their Maidsafecoin, would return in a second, if they know they can get their hands on more hot property. [quote=“Kingslanding, post:607, topic:9558”]
Without a live network, all derivative assets/projects are worthless and scamy at best
[/quote]There is already a live network, you can go here and play on it:

While your at it try to hack one of those websites :stuck_out_tongue:

The public ID thing is not a new dream, it’s a piece of the puzzle that was there already. Maidsafe just didn’t realize that it could have also monetize on this idea in their first crowdsale. What is really damaging is that Maidsafe now only has a coin, that can be manipulated as hell.

People say that this idea will do nothing, in my opinion “that’s a theory”, let’s put their claims to a test.

@dirvine I want to bid $1000 for the publicID porn, if within 24hours nobody makes a bid the publicID belongs to me. I got enough of manipulating people who are not here for Maidsafe, but want to rob the SAFE Network of all it’s value. I’m a SAFE Networker and I keep my word and back what I believe in up with money.

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[quote=“19eddyjohn75, post:366, topic:9558”]
That is half of my rent and I’m living in a small room in Zoetermeer the Netherlands (Even funnier that was my vacation money) [/quote]

Easy now, think it over :sunglasses:

Getting extra funding by auctioning off domain names to people who’s ONLY goal is greed will be a very questionable decision morally and one that I feel will have an effect on the purity of the whole project moving forward.


@DIrvine @nicklambert I propose that you create an official poll thread to determine community consensus on your original sale of funds idea. Its silly to spin our wheels like this and more and more this appears like deliberate action to stall progress (on the part of FUD’ers, nay-sayers etc.) We are running low on time, and you low on funds. Prudnt expedience is a virtue in such a scenario.


hmm - or they discuss it and just decide themselves after considering all ideas … e.g. i would vote without having read ~500 of those posts with arguments for one or the other Oo … doesn’t sound like a reasonable idea to let me participate in a poll xD

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I support the idea of a poll, precisely because the thread has become unreadeable (2hours reading time atm). Different options will be crucial. Some options mentioned in this thread:

  1. selling bit by bit on exchanges (reserve a part for bounties)
  2. selling off-market to private investors (reserve a part for bounties)
  3. use all Maidsafecoin for bounties
  4. auction the coins (reserve a part for bounties)
  5. burn all coins (alternative funding approaches)

There are probably more, will add them once I remember more.


and what if i want david to decide on my behalf …?


I don´t get the question. The Maidsafe Foundation holds the coins. They can and will decide independently of the poll or your will. Obviously the poll has no legal impact.


okay - then the poll is for them to get an impression who in the community would prefer which approach :slight_smile: i see


Of course, there are plenty of fake accounts. Just imagine they had effective influence on strategic decisions… For a mere impression of the opinions on the board it´s fine, I think.

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They need to give a realistic outlook on how much funds are needed to see this project to fruition. It’s not enough to say we need 65k or 85k per month. Suppose they raise $1,000,000 now and then 6 months down the road run into the same issue with no viable product.

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  • Getting your coin seriously devalued is ok?
  • Poloniex having 100M+ Maid coins is ok?
  • No gas in the tank to continue the project is ok?
  • Getting no sleep is ok?
  • No extra devs is ok?
  • Getting accused of stealing (something that you created) is ok?

Maidsafe got 45 btc + 19 M Maid (that nobody wants them to touch, if they touch it the market reacts or they have become thieves).

Dude are really really serious, if people who’s only goal is greed are already holding on to Maidsafecoin’s, how are we ever going to justify that?

Right now it’s all about survival, you survive when you got money, without it your just a bum on the street.

This is not an attack on your person, but let’s not forget that there are immoral people suddenly popup here.

My goal is not greed, it’s to make the SAFE Network grow, run my silly experiments and try to improve lives.

Besides the sum is simple, Maidsafe does a 1000 publicID auction get $2 M minimum or Maidsafe does nothing, gets nothing and the greedy people register the domains that they wanted and get even richer, greedier and laugh about us all for being goody goodies with totally no clue of how the real world works (while we work our a** off for them).:stuck_out_tongue:


you do realize there already is a network …? and safecoin is (afaik) just a special kind of structured data … so to showcase the use of safecoin they e.g. could first ignore farming and release a testnet where every new account gets pre-charged with 100 testcoin … then you would could sent them around through the network and see how fast those coins are :open_mouth:

once the network layer is reliable enough everything will go pretty fast i suppose …


You have said you would spend $3,000 and someone said they’d spend 10BTC. Call that about £6,000 or about 3 days current burn rate (£2k/day) and less at the anticipated £85k/month with the coin loan funding.

You haven’t though answered any of the questions I put forward that would enable us to work out if this would meet your stated aim, which I understand is to provide a significant boost to MaidSafe funding in the short term, and without negatively impacting timescale to deliver the network and essential apps.

Even if you do make a case, there is going to be a lot of uncertainty involved here because we don’t know how many people who believe in this project have enough spare cash to afford to bid up prices to anything like the level you would require for this to raise even one week of funding. Consider this: in the short term all this money needs to come from people who already believe in the network and who are no doubt already long on MaidSafecoin. Based on that alone I think it is clear that in the short them this doesn’t provide an alternative, only a small supplement. I think it is a nice well meant gesture, but a dangerous one.

Long term it would be very lucrative, but if we wanted to do this we should have been working on it months ago to ensure that it doesn’t negatively impact MaidSafe or time to delivery. To do it now creates additional and unnecessary risk, and will be a distraction for MaidSafe.

I think it is dangerous for the above reasons alone, but also think it has the potential to undermine MaidSafe’s credentials and to make it harder to market this network as being for everyone rather than a money making scheme for some clever operators.

I don’t doubt your motives one iota, but I think you are getting carried away again, and risk damaging the project.


I agree with @metoo here, that it isn´t enough to call a monthly burn rate. Even if eventually wrong, there needs to be some sort of estimation how long it will take to deliver the final product from which on Maidsafe doesn´t need more external funding and can start to generate income by use of the network.