MaidSafe and project SAFE moving forward

@dirvine @nicklambert there are a few people in this community who are interested in having a crowdsale/auction for public ID’s.

Could Maidsafe make it possible?

This is the rough sketch:

  • People send money through transaction in this format (or what Maidsafe prefers)
  • Public ID, Pin, Keyword, Password;
  • Cost per public ID 10 + 5 for additional public ID’s or an auction
  • 42 Days crowdsales with no fixed goal, so people can pump unlimited money and buy up as much public ID’s as they can.

Maidsafe makes a script that auto-create the purchased data, so all the user has to do is login with the details they provided.

I would propose an auction first and for 2 weeks the super rich can buy up slots with their public ID’s.

After that a 42 day crowdsale for the rest of the normal people to buy up their public ID’s.

This would also be handy for new people

Whatever works best for Maidsafe, but can we please have this on rails within 2 weeks?

P.S. I would also help if we have an explanation video, so people know the benefits of an public ID. We could spread the message on forums like and other places. Public ID’s are huge, they basically say the new SAFE Network users, that they don’t need a Godaddy or even a ssl certificate (let’s just do some good marketing for this top quality product):stuck_out_tongue:


Can these be changed afterwards at all?

Yes David indicated that you can change it, but they did not yet activate that feature. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes ok, I think even I’m sold on the idea now. I suppose it could potentially raise quite a lot even before a MVP and renewed interest in the ecosystem.

Fair play eddyjohn, solid commitment and determination to find alternatives.

Still, it’s 2 weeks of distraction… what if the good news is next week and we rocket up so their 24M is worth bundles more and they don’t need to worry?

Maybe they’re really calm and getting this FUD out of the way because they know more about what’s coming in the next couple of weeks?

Or maybe I’m just blindly optimistic lol.

I’m curious to see how maidsafe respond to this idea because it’s actually pretty good (better than I first thought for sure) and doesn’t require massive amounts of work.


This can just be the name itself. So we can create many names and sign them over to any other person. I am not sure how uphold works but if it allows messages and the name is there with a secret message or similar then that’s possibly easy. I suppose a way to detect duplicates though would be required and a refund mechanism.

We can certainly look into this. With data_chains possibly coming along this becomes easy to do technically.


Maidsafe stable financial future is worth an distraction.

Even with a lot of money, you should try to worry. The more you worry, the more you think about solutions to solve your new worries.

The idea is one of the options we have to survive these rough times, it’s clear that some people here want us to panic and not focus on our goals. The SAFE Network is a to beautiful idea for it not to power itself, even if it’s not completely here yet. This communities biggest weakness imho has been Maidsafecoin, because it can be manipulated. The funny thing is there are other parts in the SAFE Network puzzle that are also valuable (public ID).

Let’s be honest, this public ID thing is not my idea, it’s David’s idea, I’m just a stubborn puppy barking about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that it’ll be easy to setup

Hmmmm I also had the idea of a aggressive auction, every 10 minutes you can buy up a public Id slot, the first public ID it’s costs starts at $10000 (because hey your going in the history books).


Uphold most importantly has 2fa (I’m sorry that I always begin about security, but that is law in my book)

So whoever is sending you money can convert it to whatever fiat currency you’ll accept. They can also include a message when they send you money. People also need to register with a phone for the account creation prevents people from creating to many accounts.

No refunds, people can just pick another public ID if the one they wanted is already used. Maidsafe needs money, this community/project needs to survive we don’t know the word refunds. (I’m sorry sounding so harsch, but we need money in the kitty)

Wow that would be amazing

Sorry I have to go to sleep now, it would be nice to have a crowdsale asap. Let’s show the people who want to push Maidsafe around that we’re not having it :stuck_out_tongue:

@dirvine thanks hope Maidsafe finds a way to get it done

but now :sleeping:


A flat $10 seems much too low, and takes no account the fact that some of these IDs are valuable commercial property.


Good point, Maidsafe should just charge these prices

Could get fun

But now for real :sleeping:

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$10 x 2,000 buyers (that’s the scale of readers of this forum) = a drop in the bucket.

Consider the possibility that your motivation includes wanting everyone on the forum to have a vanity ID. That would be nice but should be put aside in favor of maximizing the amount collected, and that will come from auctioning commercially potentially valuable dictionary words. If 1,000 words and you get $100-$1,000 for each then that’s $100,000-$1million.

Then there’s two-word combinations: while “porn” will be valuable, who can say what other words, prefixed to “porn”, would be a combination that someone would bid on?

The organizers cannot guess in advance what will fetch what prices, which is what markets are for. An extended auction (I had been thinking 30 days, but 90 days might be better) will do that.

The non-commercial rest of us can make do with whatever is left over.


Problem is selling those domains. It is a risky investment. Some people would say, screw that and come up with creative name. Plus, somebody will build a petname system (I really hope so) so it would be pointless to have hoarding naming system. If that were to be released, then the whole investment into names will be meaningless, waste of time and money.


Petname system is genius, and I can’t wait to use it. It just makes so much more sense than centralised DNS.

I already do it with custom-labelled URL shorteners today, but it will be much cleaner on SAFE.

Sorry if that’s random but just my 2¢ since petname keeps coming up


Some people might buy more public ID’s, I for one would buy a minimum of 10, you make a good point maybe it’s better if all public ID’s are sold at $10.

These websites might want to reserve a domain name, they are already in this space:

These 500 websites might want to reserve a domain name, for a minimum of $1000 each:

These 500 websites might want to reserve a domain name, for a minimum of $1000 each:

It’s never a problem to sell stuff, public ID’s got good properties from the start (network protection + real ownership (not renting) + no third party needed)

I would agree, but at this moment there are people working hard to put this community/project to an halt. If Maidsafe doesn’t monetize on what the SAFE Network can offer, we’re just wasting our time. The Maidsafe devs hardly get sleep, are underfunded and Maidsafecoin is only worth 6¢. With so many negatives we have to create our own positive. Honestly bro if this crowdsale can bring in money, so Maidsafe can add more devs, work on a browser, SAFE os and promote the heck out of this privacy and freedom centric goody, then I would say “Just Do it!!!”

This is more for the marketing part, maybe if the crowdsale page would be a clone of Godaddy, maybe it might get the internet writing about it and do the promotion for us. Who knows this might get more people interested…

Example Facebook clone:stuck_out_tongue:

If community help is needed, I’m willing to help with promotion (but first I have to reserve my public ID’s)


I’ve started a github for 1000 publicID’s starting at $1000, please join:’s

Domain names shouldn’t be sold in bulk, people should be able to bid on specific names in an auction. However it is done, it should definitely support BTC payments. I have no desire to go through the banking system for this.


Yes of course, but the bidding price starts at a minimum of 1000, with this list. We want Maidsafe to reach a million mark asap.

Whatever Maidsafe/the community think is best (I only mention Uphold, because it enable Maidsafe to get money in fiat and withdraw it with ease to their bank account without having to go to an exchange).

I am sure maidsafe could manage the auction, which could be open until launch. Popular domains would no doubt get bid higher and higher during this period. In short, there would be no need to fire sell them - just let people bid them up to a market price.

I suppose if money is needed quickly, this may be more complicated.



There must be a platform out there for auctioning tokens for BTC? The tokens would be easy to define, with meta data containing the domain name.

Once the auctions are completed, the tokens could be traded on the market, then claimed on launch. Maidsafe would just need to ensure they have created all of the names ahead of launch.

Pre-selling digital property which will be created at launch seems like a great/simple business plan to me. If anything, it would only add to the potential value of maidsafecoin too - both will be assets on the network, just with different properties.


I mentioned DNS squatting a while back:

Turns out, it’d be pretty easy. Especially if a script makes it’s own API from the core rust code and doesn’t go through the launcher, or maybe hacking on the launcher a little bit would be easier. Let’s find out.


I’ll go out side and enjoy the weather like normal people, I got to tone it down here, before I get too exited again. @nicklambert @dirvine I can’t wait for the auction/crowdsale to be announced, but hope we’ll get to see one soon. :stuck_out_tongue: