MaidSafe and project SAFE moving forward

I think it should be a one time thing only, SAFE is supposed to be a fully autonomous decentralised network, so MaidSafe has no place in continously managing the DNS. They do play a special role in bootstrapping the initial network, so at that point they could pre-register a particular list of names, but after that it should be unregulated (first come first serve) like it is now.

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@qweqwe1 Brand new accounts with zero history that do nothing but FUD get ignored. The reason we’re all so positive is because of what has been accomplished and the technical achievements are there for all to see. Your post is just hyperbole, misinformation and subjective opinion, nothing worth listening to and nothing that changes the fact that SAFEnet is about to go boom.

How much do you think this will raise?

Am I only the only person here who would be amazed if this raised more than a few thousand bucks? :confused:

Could it really raise hundreds of thousands?

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I am a positive guy (and the bot number 7) and sometimes I also fears you have. You have to focus on what advance. Look at the apps currently on dev. Test the community test.

Maidsafe, having no blockchain, have a disadvantage in his community because everything has to work to start . The project Darkcoin ( dash ) also made ​​us wait his masternodes. But the community could do some mining while waiting. A little similar with Ethereum. This one still far from the ultimate goal. (where POS ??)

Maid must do much more before day 1 .

Domain names are high value assets, if you believe SAFE will be very popular, they are a no brainer to amass. Remember you can sell them for a profit later on:

hmmmm - an auction :smiley:

never mind … i like the current solution (and i especially like it because it doesn’t mean using valuable resources to organize crowdsale-stuff …) i don’t say the other options are worse - but i say the other options take more time off the development … and i want my safenet Now xD

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Hold it, I have to consult the guide…it’s been a while, we knew it was coming, what took you guys so long?



I often think of that one. There was a chap who did work for us that wanted a “kill switch” to be able to stop the network. Thats the sort of thing/injection that we all need to be careful of as well as FUD spread in seemingly “helpful” ways.

From agencies, trolls, traders to just disgruntled folks, they will all come and repeatedly for every project. It’s good to always “consult the guide” from time to time :thumbsup:

That guide should get pinned at some stage, as we roll out more tests/alpha etc. and folk realise this works then I predict a huge increase in that kind of activity.


Wow…I’d be moving to a new language and re-writing it, just to be sure :slight_smile:


I share @Jabba s feelings. Domains on the Safenet may turn into an investment, who knows, but is it likely? I don´t think so. Of course, I don´t know for anyone knows how much registering a public ID will cost. However, given the idea of a low threshold for people to enter the network, I´d suppose it won´t cost a lot (or nothing?). Then, domain grabbing is very easy and we will see many blocked IDs based on valuable WWW domains. That should be the moment where people start to set up decentralized DNS and use publicIDs only as identifier instead of a mere string. Also, one has to consider that value on the WWW developed under the condition of extreme scarcity - we won´t see that on the Safenet.

Anyway, don´t count me into team naysayer. I think this could and should be one perk out of many others in a prospective crowdsale (actually I rather prefer @piluso s proposal, but anything like that will get bought in a crowdsale).

Yes I agree on both counts, but that doesn’t mean selling them now would raise more than a few grand does it? I mean even if raised $50k, it’s not making much of a dent for the effort required. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe some people out there would spunk a lot on a load of names now as an investment. I just find it hard to imagine… it’s hard for for to picture how this raises a lot because I wouldn’t bother buying any - not a very good way to judge it ofc. I’m not sure I’m right at all; I would love it to raise a fortune. As arti says, I don’t want to be a naysayer, it just wouldn’t have occurred to me as an idea to raise decent wedge now. :confused:


It’s the centralized group that brought in the guy to make a “kill switch”. If we decentralize the code development and acceptance that guy wouldn’t stand a chance. There has to be a real solution, not a perpetuation of 10 years of squandering investment. We have a chance to create a system right now that will prevent any further mismanagement, for instance the crowdsale is no one’s here’s fault, it’s maidsafe and management. Even people said so … why would you do that? … and still the crowdsale goes how it went.

In the first place there wasn’t even supposed to be DNS and was a major selling point of maidsafe safe system (no DNS). I can not understand why we have to keep centralizing and depositing everything to the corporation… it’s a “why do i have to go through google to connect to someone” why do i have to go through maidsafe to connect on the safe network?

I appreciate the spark that ignites the fire for this technologies and ideas, seriously though; there needs to be a real solution, not a patch up to the usual events.

Freenet even was built by one person in university. Do you really need a ton of managers and a ton of coders and still further hold out to need to build the apps of the future for the platform and on the dime of others? The proposal isn’t even to sell shares in those future apps, it is to sell coins that also have unknown price in the future.

I think the plan shouldn’t be how to further fund maidsafe from here, but rather what exactly we need to do as a community to have an implementation that we call safe network built that meets the specifications. Thinking out of the box would suggest not perpetuating the status quo of continuously funding a corporate entity to produce that.

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yeah i agree - when the project is at a further stage of development domains would be way more valuable than now …

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hmhmmm - we could start a competitive rewriting :open_mouth:

we divide the maidsafe-team in 3 groups and use 3 different languages Oo the language with the first finished product will be the best and from then on be used :wink:

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It wouldn’t make sense to buy any coins if you cant farm or really develop an app and earn developer coins.

If there really won’t be a decentralized development process, with clear tasks then we’re right back where we started at the initial crowdsale where the vaults were “available next month” and a couple of years more of research to do

the safe network concept must be preserved because it could be achieved and it doesn’t have to be done by anyone in particular

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yeah i agree and i vote for @dirvine to achieve it in particular because if i started programming today i’d still have nothing years from now

the concept is preserved because of github and the interviews with david Oo i don’t see your point

yeah again - who will be managing that …? if the 100% clear definition of every task eats up half the time it would take to program it (or even way more) than there is nothing won … everybody can participate via github but i don’t agree maidsafe should be forced to stop with the way of development that got us where we are right now
… that would only be stupid and destructive


We have and there are commits from all over the world as well as devs we pay salary to. Anyone including you can commit code, it does not make it secure though unless it’s audited.

We also have decentralized DNS so do not use DNS servers as you know them. I do not see that as something we said we would never have, we have said we would be immune to DNS attacks as in the way countries effectively switch off DNS or limit it to filter peoples web browsing.

You can directly help by committing code, or even better just complete safex as that will be a great thing to do. There is a testnet and RFC’s for comment to help with that activity. Many folks are already using that to progress projects. It will help you a lot.

As a test perhaps take SafeX and completely decentralise it away from any authority or co-ordination (including yourself) and then we can evaluate that to see if it improves development speed. I think you may find it hard though, but it would be great if it did work.

We have found for instance that greater leadership and coordination have been required, to build this. That is why you see greater speed of iterations now.

Decentralising this will probably mean more teams across the globe, but I think there will always be teams or some kind of co-ordination and quality control required.

If you find a more limited Qa process then check out the dev process that is used by some similar projects and let us know if it’s a model we can use.

I am not sure why you have become very hostile @dallyshalla so soon after meeting with us over lunch in Troon recently. You seemed really keen to have Scotland as a place to live and work. What has caused this reaction ?


Oh hey guys check it out another one of the short sellers who joined 3 hours ago because I exposed their leader @MarcelV and his buddy @benjaminbollen and that other new account that Ben had to create to support his false narrative.

these people think we’re morons! We know about your attempted to drive FUD we have all the information we need about you guys. Buzz off

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How are you making this association?


This came from bens mouth this hasn’t been proven to be valid. In my opinion just like everything else that came from his mouth was bogus I’m pretty sure this claim is as well.

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