MaidSafe and physics experiments (split from "Introduce yourself")


Hi Ben, it’s interesting that you are a theoretical physicist, I was just thinking that Maidsafe could actually help uncover the true nature of reality and wondered what you thought. What I mean is linking with Cern and the like, providing space and computing power to say “look into” quark-gluon plasma, anti-matter etc. I think just 1 average experiment uses about 120 terra bytes a day, multiplied many times over different experiments. It is also estimated to take years to analyse this data – could this be speeded up? I just thought this could be a massive boost to all involved, with a kind of poetic symmetry, considering where original internet started. Plus, “everybody” would have contributed via Maidsafe to help uncover the true nature of reality. This to my mind is the most important goal human intelligence can strive for – and has done for thousands of years, can we actually help finally uncover natures deepest mysteries?

Introduce yourself

Actually when CERN planned and built the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) they also designed a new distributed computing system to handle the massive flux of output data from the sensors. As the data was too big to come to the researchers, the calculations had to come to the data. This system, GRID , couples many computing centres in a hierarchy. Programs researchers write, are absorbed and processed there where the necessary data is available and computing resources are free. This is by itself a revolutionary system.

The downside: it is built specifically for LHC measurements and research; it doesn’t do anything else.

The way I see it: SAFE is “dumb” layer - by ensuring the vaults know nothing about the content or the owner, we provide a powerful backbone, both enabling complete privacy, as well as having a system on top of which we can build any system. So “dumb” is very hard to achieve and in no way a bad property, on the contrary!

If indeed, like you mention, we want to help uncover the solution to many problems, what needs to happen next is to put on top of SAFE a scientifically valid / universal data structure, distributed in every sense.

Running distributed computations on top of such a data structure would boost beyond imagination the work of scientists in every field. Importantly also medical doctors would benefit tremendously. In fact it is my belief every person would directly benefit from access to such a computing system. That would be a new world all together. Things can happen quick from here on out!

But first SAFE testnets!


really interesting, thanks for thst. The scientifically valid/universal data structure sounds like a difficult project, are we talking years, is someone on it? By the way, sorry I should be introducing myself here, not asking questions, I do not work as anything techie or anything, I just find many different areas of science and physics fascinating - I’m a Feynman fan too, I’m also a Secular Humanist , I love puzzles and I’m usually thinking about the nature of reality from various angles I was attracted to Maidsafe primarily because of the thinking behind it, I find the goals, ethos and potential for humanity fit nicely with my libertarian worldview. .


interesting new scientific research cloud service


From the above article:

Chameleon will consist of 650 cloud nodes with 5 petabytes of storage. Researchers will be able to configure slices of Chameleon as custom clouds using pre-defined or custom software to test the efficiency and usability of different cloud architectures on a range of problems, from machine learning and adaptive operating systems to climate simulations and flood prediction.

I’m writing the press release in my head for when SAFE exceeds this storage capacity :slight_smile: