Maid wallet counterintuitive and confusing

i find setting up a maid coin wallet confusing. i’ve done bitcoin wallets such as trezor. but i find maid the MOST confusing and counterintuitive , to the point i havent got the confidence to set up a wallet, i’ve left the coins on the exchange. isn’t there a simpler wallet?

the wallet needs to be made a lot simpler otherwise people will not use it

I use and am wondering if you’ve checked that out?

Please check this video out - Safely storing OMNI tokens ( AMP, MAID ....etc ) - YouTube


What MAID wallet are you using? I was not aware there even was a MAID wallet, aside from omniwallet.

You can store your MAID in a bitcoin address that you control the private key for. Make a bitcoin paper wallet, and send the MAID (plus a little bitcoin) to that. You can check how much MAID is stored in any bitcoin address on omniwallet, without giving them your private key.


Try this:


Maidsafecoin is only a temporary token until safecoin is released. This is why the wallets tend to be a bit basic.

If you want a taste of what may be to come, take a look here: Introducing SAFE Wallet app


I’m really fine using Omniwallet, I know it’s an online solution but it’s not that bad if you do things properly!

i’ve got the wallet set up, then i did 2fa using winauth on my desktop (dont have smart phone-) everything went ok , then logged out of omni wallet and now cant log back in!!!

Do you have your wallet identifier? Is your login attempt failing at username / password / 2FA, or can you not get to your wallet login?

In case you missed it, you need to check the box that says ‘I’m using Multi Factor Authentication’ when logging in to show the text box to enter your 2FA at that stage.

And you must use chrome browser

I just have a Bitcoin address generated offline and have sent maid to these address that I have stored on paper in several locations, just have to make sure I don’t lose the paper and all is ok!

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And for those who want to keep track you can also setup a watch-only address on OMNI-wallet, with the public Bitcoin address.

i did all that, it seemed to set up ok, but havent been able to use or have it work once yet. i havent got much maid at stake (us 6-8 dollars) but its still frustrating, incase i actually want to be able to use 2fa in the future

tried that. still doesn’t work

I don’t know about winauth but sometimes with Google Authenticator you have to resynch it with the Google servers. That happened to me just this week.

how do i resync it when i have it on my desktop. i cant seet that option in settings or even if i go to my google account. i’m using 2fa from desktop and not phone. ( i choose not to have a smart phone)


I don’t know, as I said I don’t know Winauth - just thinking through the possibilities.

is this omnicore?:

Download SAFE Browser v0.10.2

Ummm no that’s SAFE Browser

You could try here

Ok, if it’s a time based 2fa (virtually all 2fa are time based) the only thing you would need to sync is date/time. @Gimli87 have u tried syncing the time from a NTP server?