Hi all,

I have KYC’d with Altcoinomy and I have the address to send my maid. (actually on Trezor at the moment). When I try to send to the address I get an initial text saying that the firmware:
‘The current version of firware (1.11.1) may be not compatible with the running version of Trezor Connect’

When I proceed everything seems ok, but when I do the last confirm on trezor I get an error in the chrome console. In ‘Transaction Results’ there is 'Requested Unknown Tx : XXXXXXXX

In the Git for OmniTrezor it seems that nothing has changed in 3 years :frowning:

Can anyone help me on this ?

Thanks all


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Can you confirm your on the right omi Trezor site?

Failing that I’d update your Trezor firmware from inside Trezor suite.

But as always make sure your seed is backed up before you update the firmware.

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Looks like an old issue - is not support · Issue #4 · tektite-software/omni-trezor · GitHub

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I might be wrong but that is in reference to the site

The correct omi Trezor site is

OMNI Trezor is a fork of but there are no updates since 2021:

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That is true but also true is the fork works the original does not.

@Dimitar 's guide to everything related to maid storage shows the correct omni Trezor link to access.


Hi @grog , you may need to perform the following steps:

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I am at work now but I will read your suggestions and try to sort it out tonight.

Thanks all,


Thanks again!!
neik and mishax1 I tried your solution (it seemed simpler :slight_smile: and it seems to have worked. Waiting for my eMaid now.

Dimitar I’ll try your solution if the first fails.



Yep, it worked, thanks