MAID sent to wrong address?

and yes, that’s my MasterXchange deposit address.

So how could I get my MAID out of there? Just contact the people at the exchange?

It’s my address, and it’s connected to my MasterXchange account, so they should be okay, right?

I should be worried more now about where the coins are :). No I think masterxchange can help you so just send them an email with the last links I gave you above.

I don’t think so because you haven’t got the private key of the address

Who would have it? The guys at MasterXchange?

So I’m at their mercy right now?

I believe the exchange works likes that, remember that it aren’t your coins if you haven’t got the private keys. So like I said you should email them about what went wrong and ask if they can send the coins back to an address you’ve got the private keys for.

Thanks a ton man, I really appreciate the help.

Just emailed them, I hope everything works out…

Kinda writing it off mentally right now though lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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No problem ! Hope you’ll get them back and I do believe they’re honest guys so shouldn’t be a problem


@whiteoutmashups while your at it also enable 2FA on your masterxchange account. Use AUTHY, DON’T I repeat DON’T use google authenticator I got issues. Yeah you can use Authy as an google auth substitute.

Hope everything is alright soon

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You have me worried now @19eddyjohn I use google authenticator on all my accounts, emails & exchanges, what issues did you have please?

Many Thanks

Didn’t you recently argue in favor of 2FA across the board?
What a joke.


Just google it. One funny issue that they used to have (when I first evaluated it in 2013) was that if you lose your Android phone that’s not backed up to mothership, you’d lose the ability to gain access your 2FA (or perhaps “2F-ed-up”) accounts.
Gotta love it when the proponents of decentralization recommend 2FA!

There’s nothing you can do now, because you don’t control that address.
Just contact MasterXchange support, I think they’ll be able to get it out for you.

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[Sorry for my late reponse, but indeed did you Google it?][1]

The problem that I had with Google Auth, while on Masterxchange was that I kept getting an error and after 10x or more tries I could finally access my account. So I started using Authy instead.

I’m in favor of 2FA for everything, but it got to work. Just keep up your great security ideas Janitor and soon you’ll be selling laughing stocks (when you get hacked with your 12 word passphrase LOL).

Nowadays my idea of a secure login is SQRL, if it ever gets a multisig instead of masterpassword option, it’s almost perfect.

I hope everything is ooh kee @whiteoutmashups

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I feel like I just won the lottery…

Should have more updates Mon / Tues!

So much love


I had the same kind of problem but the other way around… I believe the real issue was my phone time being out of sync.


I had the same problem on Masterxchange with the 2FA. The issue turned out to be to do with the time on my phone which had re-set itself to a couple of minutes out. I had to jiggle about with time settings, until it worked. I learned this from one of the helpful Masterxchange devs, so I’m sure you’ll be ok Mr Mashups.


Hi @19eddyjohn75 , Thanks for coming back to me, I did have a look around and it does look like a a few people have some pretty serious issues with it, I’ve been OK from the start but from reading up it has got me to resecure my backups of the original images I took to enable the 2FA for each of my accounts so if the worst does happen I think I should be able to recover. (but I don’t want to test this).

As I was going through the backup process of my keys I was watching a program on Russia today who were talking about NSA spying again and they had a guy on there who was saying quantum computing was going to give us all a new headache for securing ourselves, not that I’m that worried about the NSA, I’ve nothing to hide so nothing to fear (was a favourite line of Joseph Goebbels apparently) but it did make me think how long it would be before the NSA are really using this, I searched on Quantum in the forums and it looks like maidsafe can be secured against this so happy we can be secure until the next invention…

just mumbling out loud…

Thanks again 19eddyjohn75

Hey @whiteoutmashups this happened before; and masterxchange recovered the funds for a person; all should be good;

Sorry if you’ve been worried for some days; though assuredly they will help you

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Thanks @happybeing & @Al_Kafir it was indeed a timebased problem. (I 99% erased it from my memory banks, but now I remember).

@Frontrow_Al no problem.

I’m happy to read about it, just keep your hard earned coins safe. I was afraid that I had to donate 1000 of my Maidsafecoins to you and hope others did the same to cover your lost. I’m not greedy, but these Safecoins have become “my precious” this is me imagine a Safecoin:

ThumbsUp for Masterxchange


Like I expected. Those guys have always been reliable for me.

Mind you, some three months ago we were told that MasterXchange’s service is ridiculously expensive (Why isn’t maidsafecoin available on more exchanges?). :slight_smile:

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Thanks everybody! This showed me what a great community & exchange I am privileged enough to be a part of :slight_smile:


Just read this thread now, and it made me nervous! I imagine you were pretty stressed @whiteoutmashups!
Sounds likely that you’re sorted now. Was all OK in the end?

P.S. I agree the community here is great! I’m hoping to get more involved at some point. I’m gonna have to free up some time from somewhere!


Oh sorry! I thought I posted the outcome already.

If I forgot, then here it is: They sent me all my coins back :smiley: :smiley:

(minus a small fee, which they asked me about and I agreed to beforehand).

They are GREAT people and I will definitely keep using & supporting them :smile:
Was sooooo glad that all my savings weren’t lost, although I would probably have deserved it since I was being so careless in my submissions…

All good! Great people all around :smiley: