MAID Relisted on ChainRift (Exchange Shutting Down)

We have nothing to share, we’re open to introducing something new, provided it is secure for all involved parties.



I’ll rephrase; what would the next step be? I would be happy to be the beta tester for introducing this new compliance process to your business. You’re welcome to message me privately or continue this here, whichever you [and others] prefer. I would also be happy to schedule a telephone conversation or otherwise accommodate you however I can.

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I’ve moved accross all my on exchange funds from poloniex to chainrift.
Very happy with the service.


We’re currently not aware of such solutions that we could integrate. If someone has a suggestion, feel free to bring it up.



I’m envisioning something similar to:

  1. I create a free tier account.
  2. I go into the office of my local bar certified attorney.
  3. I present my valid government issued ID.
  4. My attorney relays via registered mail to your legal council a statement on their letterhead including my name, account’s user id, and an affirmation that it has been matched with a valid government issued ID.
  5. Your legal council verifies the bar status of my attorney.
  6. I pay my attorney for his time and ChainRift for yours.
  7. You toggle my account as having a verified identity.

If I could briefly speak with your legal council I could tighten that flow up somewhat to find an optimal balance for minimal validation overhead on your part, and privacy preservation for the customer.


One missing link here is in us potentially needing to know more at some point if a user turns malicious. A name and statement won’t do. But this is a matter for attornies, as you’ve said.



I’m not opposed to providing whatever information you typically request, as long as a ‘selfie’ isn’t a required part of the process. As you have a cooperative demeanor, I’m certain a model can be specified that leaves ChainRift lacking nothing necessary for the operation of its business and full legal compliance. Working out the precise details is why I suggested a brief conversation with your legal council. What would you propose for the next step?

I will forward this information and we’ll get back to you, depending on the answer we get.



To clarify, if the answer you receive is not agreeable then you will not get back to me?

I can get back to you either way. It have take a while though.



I would appreciate it, thank you.


Could you provide some detail as to what “providing liquidity” to ChainRift exactly means and how you do it?

It might be something forum members could do as individuals, if they knew what to do. Providing liquidity to exchanges would be an extremely important thing.

Putting up a “buy wall” is definitely on my bucket list! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Having options that other exchanges do not have is good for Chainrift, I suspect. :slight_smile:


This is fantastic!! Thanks to the ChainRift and MaidSafe teams for moving so quickly to get this done, especially given the time of year! It’s great to see the US market back in the game too :smile:


Thank you David for the ringing endorsement, it’s very much appreciated and we are all long time admires of yourself, your team and community so the feeling is mutual.

I can 100% guarantee that we will have safecoin integration and be the first exchange to have safecoin/BTC.

Happy to help if needed for the swap of maidsafecoin to safecoin as well.

Feel free to send any questions or feedback here by dm or via our tg channel

Super happy that ChainRift is the new home for the SAFE Network community and we are looking forward to helping out in any other way we can.


We’ve reached out to them a few times in the past but we will try again. At some point they will have to list us, especially if we have the support of a strong community like yours.


All you need to do is put up some buy and/or sell orders.

Looking forward to seeing that buy wall :smiley:


Not to rain on the party, but to keep perspective this exchange has been listed in the past and has almost no volume on all trading pairs. I think for this to be helpful we still need to figure out why this exchange has not caught on as a mainstream choice yet and if the trade/withdraw fees are as good or better than most major large exchanges and if there is any kind of good referral promotion system, then driving users here that you may know that are big in the crypto space would really help.

Looks like only a 10 MAID withdraw fee which is fair IMO, its what Polo had before they went crazy to 80 MAID withdraw fees.

Still positive news to have this re-add so we are still on 3 exchanges. Hopefully SAFE Network is just so awesome, people will be on the hunt to where they can get the coin :grinning: .

One issue I see is there are no stable coin pairs. Many folks want an exchange to let them go to “cash” mode at times when they feel a drop in FIAT value is immanent.


While we have made good software we haven’t had much luck getting liquidity during the bear market.

Now that we do for MAID, anyone that wants to buy and sell can.

Not faking volume has been a big handicap but it’s a decision we decided to do from the start and we prefer to go with that till the end.

MAID existed before stable coins, we can open a usdt pair if your community really wants but again would be important to see liquidity there. If we see lots of requests for it here or other channels we’ll happy to open that for you guys.


It is the holiday season but we have to start the discussion internally on how to get this done and then work with your community to make it a reality.

I don’t have a super technical answer to this right now but we will be working towards that in cooperation with you guys and we’ll keep you all updated.