MAID Relisted on ChainRift (Exchange Shutting Down)

Moving funds between bittrex and chainrift reminds me how slow and annoying bitcoin/omni actually is. I can’t wait till the day the default crypto token is SAFE, so I no longer have to use this relic known as bitcoin.


Well my personal demand is higher then the market can really sustain unless I want to create some really insane volatility. I am not even a big whale. I have to feel for the big guys its maybe too small to even bother trading at all. I don’t think its healthy to wait until people start fighting hard over the scraps that are available. Sure there might be a short term pump (which I am guessing is why other people, not you, have been so hostile towards the idea of liquidity that might prevent that lol.) In the long run you have a highly unstable price though, and that’s not good for keeping people in the market.

Sounds to me like you want cheap coins, no one wants to sell you cheap coins, so you want maidsafe to, out of the coins they need to sell.
Good luck with that.


As a trader your demand is transient and temporary. You hold for as long as you need to to make a profit and then try to pick your next entry point to do the same. This demand nets out to zero, unless you choose to invest as well.

As a trader, you are trying to read whether the price has been over bought or under sold, relative to the underlying demand, so you can predict where the market will move next. In short, you are trying to bridge the gap between the two points, to turn a profit.

To put it another way, investors generate lasting demand and traders provide liquidity by bridging gaps between investor buying and selling.

It sounds to me that you want more traders to play with, not investors.


@bones @Traktion

I would not disagree with you guys entirely. Yes I want to buy coins at the bottom and sell them later for a profit. I would contend that HODLers also don’t want to buy coins at an inflated price just because ChainRift has not yet reached the liquidity we had on polo either though.

Maidsafe was supposed to be providing liquidity. If they are doing so it sure is not much. I would love to hear from @dirvine on this issue. When can we expect to see a noticeable amount of the MAID they need to sell eventually anyways on the market? I would say the sooner the better. I think right now bigger players are holding off because there is just no way to do the volume they want to without walking into an obvious trap (ie pumping the price THEN that supply hits)

To be honest, I think the price dropped due to polo delist and has not fully recovered.
So most ppl are negative in their investment and wont sell.
When the price does recover we will probably see a little more trading, but maybe not, as I think we’ve had a pretty bad price imo for the tech we have, I wont sell at these prices.

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Not selling = buying IMO. if you won’t sell at this price you should buy it up to just under where you would sell. As I have mentioned that sell book is paper thin so like it’s not that much you would be buying anyways.

Anyways even if you look at >1500 prices (about where we were at before polo delisting announcement) I still don’t see a lot of sell orders. To me that just seems unreasonable to buy it up higher right now. Clearly the Chainrift market is a subset of the former polo market, not vice versa. So IMO it’s not worth more and the only reason it might go higher is if people are desperate for liquidity. I don’t think that’s enticing to people that want to trade high volumes. If we want to grow the Chainrift market back to the size the polo market was we need to invite our whales back.

Well now we are getting kinda off topic. If you want to discuss price I am very active in the thread for that. All I really wanted to bring up here was that @dirvine promised Maidsafe would be providing liquidity on ChainRift. Just wondering are they already (the never promised it would be LOTS of liquidity lol) If not, can you at least confirm this is still the plan? Any timeframes you want to share on providing that liquidity would also be most welcomed!

Please consider in the title of the page (what appears in the tab of the browser) changing the order to put price first.

eg below is bittrex tab on the left, chainrift on the right.


When many tabs are open the chainrift tab would possibly be more useful with the price first.


Also a very small thing, but is MAID/BTC the right ticker for that price? It would seem 0.00001172 MAID per BTC is back to front, wouldn’t it be that many BTC per MAID? Or is it incorrect to interpret “/” in the ticker symbol as “per”?


A consistent way to read it is

MAID/BTC = MAID “priced in” BTC

You are correct that ‘per’ is incorrect.


As long as the sell wall starts at 5$ :rofl::sob:

Great suggestion, although I see the pros and cons both.

What if you have multiple coin pairs open? Then you won’t know which price is for which coin!

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Sorry, just saw this. Would you mind emailing our support team? They’ll sort this out for you.


If you have more tabs open and see only decimal value, you probably remember what is 0.00000972 and what 0.0187

The support team didn’t seem to understand that the problem was uploading anything at all. They just keep talking about image quality. Anyway, I managed to upload the pictures using Firefox. Now I’m just waiting for them to be processed and accepted or rejected based on quality. Using Brave I could not upload anything. That was the real problem.

I think a phone number may be required for authentication, even though the field is not marked with an asterisk (*). I’m writing this here instead of just to the support e-mail in order to let the forum know about my experiences.

EDIT: I just realized the Chainrift site doesn’t understand Unicode. That is a problem, because my address contains the character “ä”.

I see no way of updating my address, in case it changes.

It feels like the site still needs testing and some developer work.


I am now verified. Support responded quickly, albeit not very accurately at first. The processing of the pictures was also quick, once I was able to send them.

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Deposits are not working either. I’m guessing they are aware. I’ve tried to contact support


They did have zendesk on the 1st of Jan (which auto responded), but seems to be only email now.

Technical issues are normal for a growing exchange, but an alert or info box on the site for status issues would be :+1:


my deposit earlier this afternoon went though and is in my balance now. This must have just come up in the last couple hours. I am sure they will notice and do something soon.

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No issues and smooth sailing a few days ago… but I think they are having issues with MAID deposits/withdrawals today.

Just tried to withdraw and was told the address is invalid. It is not.
When I clicked on their link to file a support ticket, I was redirected to this page.


Hi guys,

We are sorry about all the inconvenience we may caused you, our cloud provider had a 4 hour maintenance window which caused all the wallets to lag behind syncing, this is the reason behind the lagging deposits/withdrawals.

As for Zendesk, it was cancelled in favor of an internal emailing/supporting system.

Best regards.