Maid on Reddit post $1 thread - show it some love


Not sure why my comment seems to not be out in the open. Probably because I never use Reddit, and my comment wasn’t approved for whatever reason, and I even got an e-mail saying it was permanently removed (yet I can still see it by clicking on something??? so confused). (In fact I recently signed up with probably my third rendition of a username, since that’s just how little I use Reddit that I can’t remember any of my names or passwords.) Anyway here it is:


Yeah, I tried responded to the same thread yesterday as well and got an auto delete message as well. Something about not having enough comment karma…

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Sounds like the mods need to tweak their settings to allow easier posting. Who is the Reddit mod for the maidsafe and safenetwork reddits? Same person I assume?


Upvoted!!! Keep posting your posts on here guys I’ll deffo give them likes!!!