Maid not cited :(


Yes, timing is everything. Not sure what a dealbreaker persistent data would be, but I get your point that there needs to be something to see. No point in doing it til the necessary basics are in place or it will alientate more people than it attracts.

For sure. In fact most would be like that, but I’m not thinking about a huge amount of MAID, just a token amount to attract attention and get people to the first stage.

Everyone loves free money. Where I work we run lots of market research surveys, and it’s amazing what a difference offering a £2 voucher per survey makes over a prize draw. Those who are really not interested would be put off by the TL1 requirements, while at the other end of the scale those who are interested and skilled will be easy to spot and could be encouraged to hang around and at the very least become active forum members.

And you don’t want this to be a party for just the current forum-members.

No I’m thinking it would just be for new forum members.

It would be a cost-benefit equation really as it would be a hassle to administer, but then again it could attract a good deal of attention/publicity and hopefully pull in some skilled developers who would see enough to want to take it further.

Anyway, one for the ideas pot.


Thanks Nick. I am totally ignorant in these matters and appreciate the response being an enthusiastic Safe follower.


At one point David indicated it takes around 2 years for a Dev to understand the network, is that still the case with the move to Rust and better documentation?


Soooooo been waiting for David or yourself to bring this point up again :wink:

SAFE is one of the rare projects where huge amounts of money at this point wouldn’t help (save for maybe a marketing war chest later on). The scope of the project and the internal architecture is so immense and detailed even with years/decades of related experience it’s so easy to have a superficial understanding of what’s beneath the hood yet genuinely think you have a good grasp of what the nuts and bolts of the network is actually all about.

Those occasions are when you get the eye rolls and the belief from some that money surely must be able to expedite things. I don’t blame anyone for thinking it though, I actually did for probably a good 12 months until the re-write was well underway. Life’s got a little bit easier since that time :+1:


I’m not sure to be honest Chris. I think it would still take a long time for a dev to understand all the libraries at a deep level, very understandable give the scope/scale of the network. Most understand their part of the network well with David and Viv having the oversight across the entire project. I think the time for a new engineer to start making contributions has certainly been shortened though due to better organisation and documentation.


Why is there still no entry in Wikipedia for Maidsafe / SAFE Network? Is it on the marketing TODO list?


Do you mean on our list John?

I believe that an entry would need to come from out with the company in order to adhere to Wikipedia’s rules.


Maybe that’s something the community could do then. I wouldn’t mind having a go, but it’s not something I’ve done before. I think it would make a big difference. Wikipedia is the first place many people look.


We did one before but it got deleted, so you need to make sure you follow their guidelines.


Oh right - any idea what you did wrong?


I wasn’t involved (‘we’ as in community). There may be info on this forum or someone who remembers. @fergish?


Creating custom wiki page on wikipedia requires wiki admin approval. I have tried to get my wiki page of my company project for many years on wiki and it was always rejected, even that concurrent projects have such pages and are worse than our. Wiki admins are bureaucrats and you have to know someone from admins to get approval. We had to use the trick to get to wiki. We edited lot of related projects with comments and links to our project. This works if you try different languages. Since google page rank loves Wiki, we had to trick it. Maybe MaidSafe should do the same. Hire someone from for few $$ who has admin or very trusted account on Wiki for long time and let him do the job. I am sure you can get full page about project for $50-$100. Check:✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=wiki


I have an excuse: Of Maidsafe & Blockchains, Rust & C++, but I’ve provided safe://todo, so you have a todo list to put it on :wink:


Wow - I never imagined it would be that difficult. Your fiverr plan sounds like a good one.


This one should work. But it is little more expensive, than I thought:


There may be info on this forum or someone who remembers.

At the time this was listed as problems in the MaidSafe-article in Wikipedia (en):

This article has multiple issues. [hide]
• This article needs additional citations for verification. (April 2014)
• This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. (March 2014)
• A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. (July 2014)
• The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s general notability guideline. (September 2015)

(Part of) the article:


MaidSafe (Massive Array of Internet Disks - Secure Access For Everyone) is an open-source program that enables a decentralized internet platform. Instead of specialized servers, data is stored and distributed by a network of internet-connected computers supplied by network users. MaidSafe handles the allocation of hard disk space and communication between the computers (ensuring redundancy in case a computer goes offline). Data stored on the network is either encrypted or cryptographically signed by MaidSafe-connected applications (clients); the network itself cannot decrypt any of the data.

Users providing storage space, cpu power and bandwidth to the network earn Safecoin, a digital currency that can be used to store information on the network.

Edit: one of the last versions before it was removed, okt. 2015, is here at the web.archive:


Shame. It’s rather good! Must have taken quite a while to put together. Easiest thing is probably to do as @Antifragile suggests above. Someone could spend a lot of time creating a page only to have it rejected, and considering what’s involved a couple of hundred quid is not bad at all - money well spent IMO. I take it they only charge for a page once it has been successfully published?


I at some point stated I’d help with it when I could, but that hasn’t bubbled up as a priority for me as yet. Honestly, I’d be more easy to engage if someone put together a proposed article and asked me to do an edit/rewrite. That’s more my forte.


There is also a lot of political correctness nonsense going on at Wikipedia. That’s why Infogalactic was created and is growing. I qualified as an editor/writer for Infogalactic, but haven’t put in the time to learn the ropes enough to be useful. It might be worth collaborating on an article and at least getting it on there. It is rapidly taking Wiki light.