MAID listing on exchanges via community created foundation

Closing the polls tomorrow … looks like the research first and repoll is winning out though. @Savage didn’t you create a wiki page for adding info on exchanges? I can’t find it now, could you link it in this thread?


Centralized Exchanges and Decentralized Exchanges


I went through coinmarketcap’s top 100 exchanges by adjusted trade volume and created this spreadsheet The spreadsheet highlights the following information (when available):

  • Exchange
  • Trade Volume (24 hr)
  • Liquidity
  • Date Launched
  • Open to US
  • Listing Requirements and Instructions
  • Notes
  • Next Steps (TBD)

For additional thoughts see this post: MAID Centralized Exchange Options


May I suggest we add whether OMNI coins (e.g TETHER) are listed in the exchange?


Coinmarketcap don’t make a difference between reported and adjusted, that list is not correct. When exchanges you never heard of is high in top 100 it fake volume.

For example : P2PB2B shows high ranking on coinmarketcap, coingecko shows that 95% of the volume is fake.

Sort adjusted volume by click on the label, 24H normalised volume.


Nice work @Sotros25

I have added this from another topic as it could be useful to eliminate options.


To have a secret telegram group you need each other’s phone numbers. I think it would be interesting to coordinate some media blasts but we’ll need to share numbers. First I would like to organize some where’s and when’s before we take that step. Currently don’t have the bandwidth to do just that but I will keep it high on the TODO list!


Feel free to compile information for additional exchanges, as well as add comments on which exchanges you prefer/don’t recommend.


If you want a really private communication channel we could use retroshare -->

Otherwise we could use Riot, Slack,etc. No phone numbers needed.


I have closed the polls. Thanks to everyone who voted :wink:

The majority seem keen for further research before jumping into the deep end, so I will try to move the goal posts a bit over the next few days.


Slack sounds good

Rather than Slack, could we opt for Discord?

  • Discord’s free offering is better than Slack’s
  • Discord offers unlimited storage, vs Slack’s 5GB (this goes faster than you think when you’re trying to collaborate a team on a project)
  • Discord doesn’t use Electron, so the apps take up less memory / CPU and generally feel much faster

Everything else being equal, if we’re going to ask people to install something, Discord is far and away the better option


I’m most familiar with Slack’s mobile interface; however, I’m open to other options


Discord is very nice but I think is more aligned with privacy, security and decentralisation.


Q: Who can see my phone number?

On Telegram, you can send messages in private chats and groups without making your phone number visible. By default, your number is only visible to people who you’ve added to your address book as contacts. You can further modify this in Settings > Privacy and Security > Phone Number .


Discord can have invite only groups and then you can have roles within that to to have private voice chats. No need to share phone numbers or have anymore bandwidth than to talk to others.


What makes or breaks going with an exchange.
They all fake volume, according to coingecko even binance does. Same goes for reviews on exchanges, you will find scam claims on just about all exchanges, again binance (only using them as an example due to the extreme popularity) has recently had many complaints on reddit.
I dont like Polo, some people like them, I like Bittrex, some people feel otherwise.
What do we believe and when?
I exchanged a few emails and telegram chats with P2PB2B’s head of listing and he has been very welcoming and helpful.
If I look at internet reviews, typically there are good, bad and ugly opinions.
It’s a minefield for sure, but what really matters?
To me all that matters is that I can deposit my funds, make a trade and withdraw, typically all within the same day. Fake volume matters little to me.


Thanks Neo and others for the suggestions. Just to elaborate when I said bandwidth, I meant mental bandwidth :joy: I’ve just been busy.


No solution will be optimal for everyone, but discord seems a decent middle road. I’ve created a server and a 24 hour invite link for up to 25 uses … if you miss the window, just let me know and I’ll throw you a direct message with a link for you:


I researched a little about fake volume and through articles from Forbes I found some interesting stuff.

Bitwise report to SEC, reasons for fake volume are to get higher ranking at sites like coinmarketcap to get more attention from traders/investors and to be able to demand a higher fees for listing from crypto-projects.

“Exchanges make money by charging users to trade, and they have many reasons to artificially inflate volume. More activity means a higher rank on the still-popular website CoinMarketCap, which can attract new users. Exchanges also charge fees to new cryptocurrency projects that want to get listed in their marketplace, and the perception of popularity helps them command higher rates.”

Websites such as BTI and Nomics provide data-driven metrics to show real and fake volume.
From their latest report september 2019.

I think this might give a good reason to why you got such good response.
” The latest exchanges faking their volume which many token projects have reported to us, and are trying to extract up to $100,000 per token listing, include BitMax and P2PB2B exchanges.”

BTI shows rel and fake volume, exchanges and coins at:

I suggest that we add to the description of guidlines for researching centralised exchanges that coingecko BTI, Nomics or similar are used when mentioning exchanges real daily volume.

I suggest that coinmarketcap is not suitable to use for evaluating real daily volume.

"CMC still lists numerous scam exchanges in its Top-10 “Adjusted Volume” rankings. Its Top-10 list includes LBank,, Bit-Z, Coinbene, and OEX, which our data is shows wash trading rates at high levels from 96.9% up to 99.7%. This continues to be because CMC ranks exchanges by trading volume without any basic checks, which motivates trading platforms to report false data and rank higher, thus becoming more visible to users.”

” According to our calculations, among the Top-100 exchanges on CMC, there are 73 currently which are wash trading over 90% of their volumes. Thus, only about a quarter of the exchanges on CMC publish truthful information about their true volume of trades.”

The links to BTI and the Forbes articles about exchanges fake/real volume might be useful to Maidsafe
so I tag @dirvine