MAID listing on exchanges via community created foundation

My work is done!!!


I agree that we definitely want to avoid fake markets at all costs.

I agree with that too. Leaving out large segments of investors would go against what we need.

I think a lot of people are probably in that boat.

I think one of the poll questions I will post today will involve asking about going straight to creating a pegged erc-20 or just getting the omni token relisted first … with an ERC-20 we can get on decentralized exchanges right away … and then we could focus on getting either token (omni or erc-20) listed on large volume centralized exchanges.

A photo allows for biometric id … which if data is leaked to any governments alphabet agencies, it could be used to track people.



This is an essential observation IMHO. Adding an ERC20 counterpart to the OMNI MAID token would afford easier exchange listing, especially decentralized exchanges.

Decentralized exchanges better respect the privacy of traders. That’s an important philosophical attribute much more consistent with crypto’s and SAFE’s principles than a centralized exchange operated by who-knows-who demanding user information and body scanning to be sold to data marketers, exfiltrated by blackhats and sold on underground markets, and siphoned by states for the further abuse of personal privacy.

I have seen the argument that dexs lack liquidity however I would counter:

  • It’s possible enough people have been burned by centralized exchanges to acknowledge the need of a technological solution.
  • Dexs have continued to mature.
  • Option(s) usable by everyone expands the access to MAID globally.

Adding to that SAFE becoming a usable technology at long last the time for dex-based options is ripe.


Do we know if any of the larger exchanges are willing to list MAID? If so would it be possible to get some numbers together for listing fees and decide which one to go for?

I don’t know the legal constrictions but then try and raise the fees through community donations. If you look at the oversubscribed loan I’m sure we can do this. From what I’ve read over the last few years the majority of people in the forum feel we need a high volume exchange. I’m okay as I have access to bittrex and when I buy I store offline and hold but what if something goes wrong with bittrex then everyone is out the picture and that is possibly the end of this must have technology. This way we keep the team focused on Fleming and not worrying about exchanges or erc conversion. I’d be happy to donate and will give as much as I possibly can.



Could another option for covering listing fees be an OTC sale of MAID by Maidsafe?


Again I don’t know know how much time this would take to initiate but could be an option. Even if the coins are a very high percentage above market price so not to much is coming out of the funds maybe even £1 per coin???


This sounds like a great idea. Should the community divide and conquer the list of top 100 exchanges?


We are not the only ones of course with exchange problems. See here for example…

Maybe it helps

btw, PPC was added to recently…I still think this is a valid option for us, but the airdrop sucks


I don’t like the idea of an airdrop either (and I’d like to see any data that says airdrops are beneficial in the least); however, if it’s a pill we’ve got to swallow, what other choice do we have? Not saying that it is, just that this project can’t afford to be too picky right now…


PPC and FCT managed it recently, so if they can do it…

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VCC airdrop programs don’t seem to be that big…
a few thousand dollar…shouldn’t be a problem.
But have no idea what they asked @dirvine
Maybe they ask much more for future airdrop programs.

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Hi guys, not been investing as long as some of you have but how the hell did we reach a situation where after 10 years this is only listed on one major exchange?

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When US regulation changed we lost Upbit, Bittrex around 2018, When that crypto joke guy took over Poloniex 2019 we lost Poloniex. Got listed on Bittrex global around 2019. 10 years are many years to survive so spendings have gone to development.

Right now we have HitBTC and Bittrex Global.


I personally think, no matter what we need an ERC20 MAID that you have to convert from Omni MAID, like what Project Decorum did. That would be the minimum to survive off of some of the less desirable eth DEX options but also easier to get any potential exchanges to integrate if we can muster up some community funds for the listing requirements.

Most importantly we need a working product. Then we need an injection of fresh capital. I think it would be time for a Series B. I don’t know what happened with Maidsafe Asia but the team got $600,000 from them alone and all the bitcoin donated from others was right before the bull market. Whether they focus on VC’s this time around or if they do the Series B through BNK2THEFUTURE again, I don’t know. I do know that they check to see if you are an accredited investor now which really sucks. Point is, that did amazing things for us. We may not have needed the marketing team when we did (it oddly didn’t seem to help as much as you would have thought except around PARSEC release) but we will need a very focused and experienced marketing team once we get closer to live Safecoin.

It’s like a vicious cycle. Without funds we don’t have marketing, without marketing it’s hard to draw new interest, without funds it’s hard to get listed, without exchanges it’s hard to potentially increase funding, without funding it’s hard to release. Literally money is our problem. We need a working product and fresh capital.

That sounds pessimistic probably so here is another scenario.
We still need a working product.
Then the community storms social media in as coordinated a way as possible (try to get a hashtag to trend) spread the news, screenshots, and resources for the working product.
We raise community funds to get us listed on one or two exchanges, one US (say Kraken), one global (KuCoin or Binance)
Again coordinate on social media. Use $MAID on crypto twitter with other top altcoin tickers mixed in ($MAID, $IOTA, $EOS, $XTZ, etc etc), go to popular YouTube crypto influencer channels (CryptoZombie, KrownsCryptoCave, MMCrypto, TheMoon, CrytpoLark, DataDash, SunnyDecree, ThatMartiniGuy, etc etc) and mention SAFE in the comments or say hey make a video about the SAFEnetwork, talk about MAID.
Talk about MAID in the TradingView cryptocurrency chat, post chart analysis on TradingView.
Rinse and repeat. We could do all of this.
We need to be coordinated and organized though. Maybe everyone joins a secret telegram group and we take a half hour out of our days to tackle all of these things together consecutively. It’d be like a daily syllabus sharing what to do where and when. I think it would be effective as long as we don’t come off as bots, just sound normal while using the given material.

Just some Saturday thoughts. I’ll look into starting a telegram group if anyone is interested in something like this.


Polls are now available in the OP.

Please vote your preferences.



I think this is fantastic and look forward to donating to our collective future if/when this effort launches. A couple points others have made that I share:

  1. Whatever we go forward with should have the “approval” of David/Maidsafe at least on some level to ensure alignment of goals, avoid legal entanglements, and give us the maximum credibility.
  2. And whatever we do we need to be minimally invasive on Maidsafe’s primary goal of getting Fleming out and then MVE. We want to help, but we don’t want to distract either. I share others worry about being too ambitious with new tokens, etc. that may require significant effort from Maidsafe. Just a concern not stating that an ERC-20 token would necessarily be disruptive.

I would also say that if this effort includes marketing (properly timed and effective) I would be very interested in helping to fund that as well.


I think the suggestion on this thread is all the more valid now…at the very least there will always be a place to for US based customers to trade and the DEX has significant exposure to the Chinese (& Asia in general) traders and investors…The network has nodes located in the US Asia and Europe and a mobile app that can enhance the marketing of MAIDSAFE…

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Agree wholeheartedly …!


Closing the polls tomorrow … looks like the research first and repoll is winning out though. @Savage didn’t you create a wiki page for adding info on exchanges? I can’t find it now, could you link it in this thread?


Centralized Exchanges and Decentralized Exchanges