MAID Listing on Bitker Exchange

As the community will be aware, we’ve always been keen to explore further options for the listing of MaidSafeCoin (MAID). Whilst we remain very much focused on developing the technology in order to realise the vision, we are also fully aware that there are a wide variety of people who support the SAFE project, including those with goals that are focused on trading. The exchange market has continued to evolve in recent months and we have been acutely aware of the need to do what we can in order to provide the community with a range of options for exchanges, and to ensure ongoing liquidity.

Therefore, we’re happy to announce that MaidSafeCoin is going to be listed on the Bitker Exchange ( with effect from 10am UK time on Thursday 18th April. Trading will be enabled in the following pairs: MAID/BTC, MAID/ETH and MAID/USDT.

Bitker is an exchange that is based in Singapore and those that are interested can find out more details online in all of the usual places, including Bitker have confirmed that they charge 0% on deposits into the Exchange and charge 0.1% commission on all trades - in addition to a small charge on any coins withdrawn from the exchange (currently this appears to be set at 3 MAID per withdrawal but we advise you to check this yourself to confirm).

As you would expect, we will continue to explore other options over time in order to provide the greatest spread of options for our community. As ever, we cannot recommend one exchange over another - the risks of using any centralised service remain and we’re sure you’d be amazed if we said otherwise! However, we hope that this is seen as positive news for those active traders who are continually looking for alternatives.


Good for small amount of MAID

Probably cheapest place to buy MAID in 0-1000 MAID range.


Any idea on identification requirements. Some people like to know these things in advance so they can prepare before starting to register. Many sites do not tell you what level of identification they require until you are well into the registration process.


The registration is only email and password.

Reminder: After the certification, the limit of 24h withdrawal is 100 BTC.Certification requires manual review, usually 1-3 working days. Please wait patiently。

So it looks that only for withdrawals over 100BTC you have to fill Authentication requirement.
1 ID and 3 photos (ID front, back and selfie with ID)


Really great news. You are going to make quite a few people happy.


Looking myself they have 2 levels of ID Level 1 is upto 10BTC and you supply Name & ID number and level 2 is upto 100BTC and supply 1ID + 3 photos. And it seems no withdrawals with out level 1 ID requirements being met


I can not see this .
It probably depends on country of origin.


That it might be, but level 1 requirements is on the help page you provided the level 2

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Or it means that no withdrawal available until KYC reviewed and with KYC limit 100 BTC.

Level 0 - limit 0 BTC
Level 1 - limit 100 BTC

I can not prove until I will make deposit.

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I think the MAID/fait pair could really get some attention. Don’t know of anywhere else you can trade for fait. Seems a lot of people here focus on that… errr at least sometimes its nice when btc/fait goes up to have an excuse to not care maid/btc went down sometimes lol. Question here is how good are they at letting you get fait in and out worldwide. That’s no easy task to try to work with the legacy banking system not once but many times over in all their little fiefdoms.

Now I am kinda wondering if that’s what fueled all the action on polo today. That new pool filling up. Well hopefully some gains from that stick.

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They are late, still no MAID on their plateform… :sweat_smile:

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They’re just tweaking a few extra things at the moment, shouldn’t be long now :slight_smile:


Are you meaning an 80% reduction in trading fees for those using the referral link @lubinew?

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That’s everything up and running now on Bitker.

Quick point to note: it’s turned out after further testing this morning and more discussions with the Exchange that there is actually a withdrawal charge after all. This appears to be set at 3 MAID per withdrawal - but please check this yourself if you are trading. We’ll make the edit to the original post to clarify this also.


Agree these are decent, especially in comparison to some I have seen. Fyi…Initially MaidSafe will benefit from zero fees as a market maker so no need for us to publish a link at this stage, but good that they offer other incentives.


There are some orders but no trades.

This listing could be published as a separate news via Blockfolio Signal.


@dugcampbell the SAFEnet website is according to them: wtf…


starsmick, think it would also be good to tag @dugcampbell, to that comment.


Thanks @anon94252342 - I actually went back to them straight after listing and they’re going to change it as soon as they have a chance