MAID in the USA

In the history of their Telegram chat I see this from 2016:


Maybe a community vote? :grin:

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Ok no more spamnagrams


As is working in my country. So there is risk involve with decent fee ca 0,2-1% exchange + flat 40MAID fee.


If you really feel the need to share one just keep it in the Anagrams thread.

This is an extra little feedback that I’m also interested in getting MAID in the US.
Thank you team :slight_smile:


Team is currently working to bring back MAID on the US market. Hopefully we will see the result soon :slight_smile:


I am in Washington State and am unable to get on an exchange with Maid. I lost 314,159 roughly Maidsafecoins years ago and I wish I got them off the exchange before I lost my phone. I would like to get some Maidsafecoin with Safe Network Tokens when they function and would like to be able to purchase farming power with my debt backed by government deficit spending Federal Reserve Notes.


I’d buy some. But I’ve become a troll. I only see the one world money inter bank crypto sdrs and their ordained state fiat cryptos and bitcoin which thr US government has been literally auctioning through its General Service Organization- the literal US wharhouse. I now strongly suspect bitcoin was the result of about 4 decades of academic work planning a wish listing. A very carfully crafted solution with roots going back to ditching Breton Woods. World reallt does now have kind of both a world monetary union and world political union. If it didn’t such monetary collaboration wouldn’t be possible. A lot of the apparent opposition in the world is just appearances to aid propaganda and speculators.


This is a long shot-

But does anyone in the U.S. Bay Area want to buy some MAID in person for Btc/Eth/Any Eth token? I’d sell for %85 of the market value.

Not a scammer. I’ve been on this ride since the ICO and I just want to get off without having to go through KYC. Email here if interested Thank you.

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There are good folk here that will escrow a trade. I’ve passed this on to some folk I know.

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