MAID in the USA

It seems that all of our only remaining options have temporarily dried up here in the states. I have at least one new member who would like to acquire MAID. If anybody could help I would appreciate it.


@Southside this seems like a job for you, if you can’t handle it, whistle for reinforcements :19eddyjohn75:


Is Simpleswap dry too?

Yup. It is.


Not funny but perhaps we want Polo to dump on HitBTC.

Joking aside I see no rules in the BambooGarden Fund that says monies can’t be spent on getting our own exchange off the ground where Safe Network Token is king and all those other exchanges can suck it.


Keep in mind, if simpleswap or changelly detect a US IP address, MAID pairs may not show up…

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Gaaah, nooo, I had just put aside some money to exchange exchange too!

Simpleswap and Changelly were my go-to but seems both are dry rn.

Unfortunately I think there is, but I’d have to check to confirm. There’s a rule in there somewhere about not being able to use the funds for exchange listing and other related ideas. Purely for expertise and network technology development-related efforts afaik :cry:


Based on this:

Though perhaps you could argue that it “encourages application developers” or “builds a user base” but maybe a stretch.

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Throwing this out there again - after the last major discussions about this I went on to Bisq and tried fot a few hours to get my head around if MAID could be added and traded there, what it would take, etc. They have loads of documentation.

I haven’t seen something that suggests it isn’t possible… But then again, I might not understand that if I saw it. I gave up my research for that reason - I know little about that sort of stuff. If someone more technical wants to go check it out, please go ahead.

If it were possible to get MAID tradeable on there it’s low hanging fruit, and naturally resistant to the whims of governments and all that. It functions less as a traditional exchange and more as a peer-to-peer network for allowing private individuals to swap fiat and cryptocoins.


On a related note, if anyone who understands this better goes and has a look and figures out that it’s absolutely impossible for us to be traded there, please tell me so I take it off my list of things to figure out

I think what @Savage is saying is for a developer to make a proposal to build an exchange on and for the Safe Network as a third party app. The BGF will help fund third party apps that will be part of the Safe Network app ecosystem at launch.

Not sure who all has the expertise or knowledge in the area of exchanges or DEX’s but if I was to guess I would say either/or/both @DeusNexus and @latch perhaps that come to mind. I know you have been a contributor recently @Scorch but also not sure if that is your wheelhouse.

I hope some community members can band together their skill sets and tackle such an app proposal to pitch to the BGF.


Changelly seems to be accepting exchanges for MAID today for U.S. in BTC/MAID or MAID/BTC but you can’t BUY MAID with USD. Like Simpleswap, it’s hit or miss, just have to keep checking. Today’s rate: 1 BTC gets you 82136 MAID (about 72 cents per MAID). Conversely, if you exchange 82136 MAID for BTC you get .85455426 BTC (about 62 cents per MAID).


Ahh, I see what you mean now, thanks for the clarification!

Not necessarily. I’m from more of an embedded background and I’ve a solid foundation in ML and optimization, but not much experience to speak of regarding DEX’s. If something were started, I trust I could learn it fast enough and I would be all for contributing, but I wouldn’t be the person to take the lead on such a project.


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