MAID in Heaven?

Evening SAFERS! (We might be called that one day),

I’m dropping in to let the SAFE team/community know that I have just made a post about the SAFE project on Steemit. I’ve encouraged everyone that SAFE is MAID for them!

Go, go SAFE team!


Hi Qurious, nice you wrote an article about maidsafe and the safenetwork. I already read it. But I noticed a passage where it says

uses the CPU power of the users connected to the network

But I think it should be

uses unused computer capacity of the users connected to the network

or something like that. It is not required to contribute disk space to use the network. If I missunderstood something, please correct me.

But nice article anyway. :grin:


I stand corrected Aquaphobia, that is precisely what it does. It’s been a long day for me and I should be more attentive. I will go back and correct the information in the article on Steemit. Thank you for putting me straight and my article, as someone would have picked up on it eventually. I do understand the way it works, just my wording was off point, too general. I also didn’t know that a user doesn’t have to have any free space on their HDD to use the network, so I’ve just learnt something new. I appreciate your advice and covering my back. SAFE! :wink:

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Amendments made Aquaphobia along with a shout out. :wink:

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Loving all the puns! :smiley: :joy:


Thanks Sotros25! They were intended. :grin:


Fantastic. You will be a fantastic addition to the same community with this kind of energy and drive!

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Coming from a SAFE veteran like you LB, that means alot. Cheers my dear. :star_struck:

Firstly, great work and thank you for taking the effort and doing this.

Yes there will be two types connecting to the network.

  • the Nodes which perform the operation of the network including routing the packets and storing data in vaults
  • The clients that are accessing the data and using the network.

A person can both have a node running and separately accessing the network via APPs/browser/whatever. Or the person could be doing just one of the two.


That’s clarity for me, thank you so much Neo, perfect explanation. :smile:

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