MAID in a segwit address

Does anyone know how to get MAID out of a segwit address? When I sent it there, I’d believed, incorrectly it turns out, that omniwallet supported segwit. Omniwallet does see the value in the address, but when I import the private key omni only imports the legacy address, not the segwit address, so it contains no MAID. Is there any way to move MAID out of a segwit address?

Thanks for any help on this


Have you contacted support? They will be the best ones to help for this.

And please reply with what the solution is, as this sounds very odd. To see it then not see it with private key imported is strange.


I did; no response yet.

I can’t find anyone else who has made this stupid mistake.

The problem seems to be that Omniwallet can see the coins on the chain, but, because it does not support segwit (from what I can tell, anyway, it doesn’t), can’t import them

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Can’t you use a different wallet that does support segwit?

Is there a wallet that supports omni tokens like MAID and segwit?

Sorry, forgot about the OMNI aspect. Not sure on this one, maybe someone else knows of a wallet. Hopefully you didn’t send too much MAID.

So this was from Omni’s reddit, one of their developers “Omni Core 0.2 was released some time ago, which is SW compliant.”


thanks! I’ve been downloading omnicore for the last 2 days (waiting for it to finish syncing); I wasn’t sure even that would help me, but now I’m at least somewhat hopeful

3 Likes uses 0.3 so it should work with SW if omni core 0.2 did


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