Maid disappeared from

Anyone here using I use the IOS version and it seems MAID just disappeared from all their versions. I hold some maids for family and now I am lost lol

The maid source for market cap is usually:

I saw that too but Bitcoin was missing too. Very weird.

I refreshed the site a few times and both Bitcoin and MAID appeared and disappeared intermittently.

Probably a temporary glitch.

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Anyone knows why coincap no longer shows maidsafe price?

Nevermind… I thought u meant coinmarketcap

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Think coincap is owned by shapeshift, as maid isn’t available there anymore they’ve stopped giving price updates. Not sure, but that’d be my guess.

Probably a temporary glitch, like swamiatma mentioned: sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn’t.
The problem also occurs with BTC.

It’s back, including Bitcoin… must have been a technical glitch.

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