MAID deposit to poloniex from OMNI

Hi guys,

30hrs ago I make deposit my MAID to poloniex, but until now no deposit in polo. In blockchain transaction was confirmed and address is 100% right.

Anyone help?


hmhmmm - you did make sure you deposited to your MAID deposit address and no other deposit address i assume …?
(and it’s been confirmed for a while …? because exchanges normally wait for at least 6 confirmations to show the deposit i think)

if you deposited to the right address and it’s shown with enough confirmation on (holy crap they changed everything and now it looks completely differently and has less features i think Oo ) then it should be shown in your polo account … and you should contact the polo support if it is now …

Im sure its right address, ints confirmed (yesterday it was 50 confirmations).

I check MAID balance on omni and tokens are on my poloniex deposit maid address.

MaidSafeCoin (3) 1862 $559.15
BTC (0) 0.00000546 BTC $0.05

Ticket on polo created (happy for waiting months :smiley: ), but its weird… :confused:


xD yeah … strange indeed … i hope it’ll be resolved soon nonetheless!


ahhhh too baaad so, polohodl :frowning: :smiley:

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