MAID Decentralized Exchange Options

[MAID Centralized Exchange Options]

This topic is to list, discuss and evaluate any DEX that may be a good option for MAID.
It is a Wiki please add your suggestion here.

  1. AtomicDEX - Beta, mobile app only
  2. Bisq
  3. BlockDX
  4. HodlHodl
  5. Switcheo - View exchange
  6. Uniswap
  7. Waves Hybrid Exchange
    See Github Framework for adding currencies.

Comprehensive list of DEX:


I think it would be good for this community to embrace a DEX. Similar values and all. There are various of them. Maybe some list MAID already, or would if asked…?


We were on OpenLedger but liquidity was not the greatest.
I know the Waves Gateway concept could be a little clunky but so is an ERC20 transition.
With this your omni tokens are “securely” waiting for you once you are done trading the WMAID on the DEX.


liquidity can improve when popular centralized options are no longer available, but still demand. I don’t really trade myself, but I’d suggest interested parties conduct a bit of a review of DEX options, choose one, and together try to get some momentum going there.


Can someone help me understand why OmniDex is not discussed at all? It’s the native platform for MaidSafeCoin afterall… :thinking:


There is some bad blood with Mastercoin (OMNI) from the ICO, search the forum. Not that it is explicitly the reason.

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It just seems odd to consider all these other new dex options and erc-20 conversion when there is a ready to go option already available.


There are many disadvantages. Both people must be online to make a trade if I remember correctly. Transactions are expensive. The UI platform itself is difficult to use…


It’s important for us to evaluate the dex options available. To do that the topic would at a minimum need to be updated with a list of the options that exist. Would you be willing to do that @Savage?

I suggest that we go through a process with phases similar to:

  1. Compile list of dex suggestions
  2. Collect the important facts of each dex
  3. Narrow list of dexs
  4. Try out remaining candidates
  5. Identify suitable options

By qualifying dex(s) we would answer an important question and potentially further inform the discussion of adding an ERC20 counterpart to the OMNI MAID token.


I have turned this into a wiki anyone can now add a suggested DEX to get a list started.


Would be possible to also create a wiki for centralised exchanges which MAID could be listed on. It would also be good if there where some criterias for posting, for example DEX: mention daily volume (fake volume excluded if possible), listing criteria, only ERC20 or not.
For example centralised exchanges: normalised daily volume (fake volume excluded), listing criteria, US customers or not.


An important trend in decentralised exchanges is staking coins for trading right from your hardware wallet without requiring trust in an intermediary to hold your private keys. Two major DEXs in this new highest ease of use, privacy and security frontier are Deversifi (allegedly $USD 200-500 million/daily volume) and Binance DEX (allegedly $USD 800 million/daily). Community run Kleros can be used by anyone to get listed on Deversifi and a few other exchanges. Only problem is the typical “ERC-20 only” warning you get on most DEXs these days however.


I don’t think people realize how messy and how complicated swaps can be. Especially a partial swap! The idea of having an omni token and an ERC token at the same time with out any way of doing arbitrage… there will be price divergence… It will be better just to create a native bridge for maid once the token is live

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This is interesting, would require MAID listed on a DEX.


Isn’t there the Omni DEX now?


I heard there was an update coming tomorrow that was going to add that layer.


Yeah, OMNI DEX is supposed to launch ~tomorrow with bitcoin block 627250


Would be cool if technology will be used as a trustless bridge to transfer MAID from Bitcoin blockchain to an Ethereum ERC20 MAID. In app idea 12 they talk about integrating USDT OMNI tokens:

RenVM is a Smartcontract with Zero Knowledge technology running on the Ethereum Blockchain. It generates a BTC (or BCH/ZEC) privatekey, create a public address to deposit BTC, create a trustless bridge to Ethereum and mint renBTC ERC20 tokens. In this PoC you can exchange BTC for ERC20 SAI:

Next to the advantage to have a MAID ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, this technology can be used to create a trustless bridge between MAID and Safecoin when Safenetwork goes life. This also solves the liquidity (and centralized exchange) problem with Safecoin in the future, like we now have with MAID.


What does that mean exactly. This OmniDEX is like a new exchange plateform? Will it be possible to trade maidsafecoins easily?

It is online now. You can trade BTC for MAID and MAID for BTC: